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ZooGue iPad Case Can Turn Your Car into a Mobile Theater for Summer Road Trips

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

Custom Mount Straps

Custom Mount Strap.
Mount your iPad Anywhere!

If you have kids, you now how frustrating it can be to take a long car ride. How many times will you hear those infamous words, “Are we there yet?” before your nerves are frazzled?

Well, if you have an iPad and a ZooGue Case Genius, you could be on your way to a stress-free road trip this summer! Combine those two and you have the basis of an on-the-road entertainment system for your kids. The ZooGue iPad Case Genius’s custom mount strap allows it to attach easily and securely to many things, including your vehicle’s seat headrest!

Add a portable clip-on speaker to provide the kiddies with more theater-like sound in a noisy car, or better yet pop in a wireless earphone set up so your kids can listen to their video while you carry on a conversation or pay attention to the GPS.

If you don’t already have it, you may consider ordering a month’s worth of 3G service so your children can have access to streaming video online in case they exhaust the pre-loaded content you’ve provided.

A cooler full of drinks and snacks is a great idea. What’s a movie without popcorn, right? A few comfy pillows or stuffed animals to snuggle up against, and the little ones should be as comfortable and entertained in your back seat as at a luxury home theater.

Let your iPad case turn your car into a home theater this summer.