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9 Uses for an Old iPad Pro

Now that you have your new shiny iPad, what will you do with your old one? Instead of gathering dust in a drawer or a box, see if you can find use from the list below:

1. Security Camera

The iPad Pro can be a fantastic security camera, especially if you have the 11-inch version. All you need to do is ensure that it is compatible with your security software. Once you update it, find a good place where to mount it. Before doing it, just kKeep in mind that you will need a nearby power source, or you will need to dismount it to charge constantly. You can also use the old iPad as an external camera source by mounting it under a cover. Remember to save your security footage in the cloud – affordable monthly solutions are available.

2. Car Mount

The iPad Pro has one of the best cameras on the market. Why not use it as a dashboard camera while driving? You only need the camera app, ample storage space, and a solid iPad mount for the dashboard, (which you can buy online). Using your iPad as your dash camera is a highly affordable way of protecting yourself from unwanted fraudulent insurance claims. Switch it on before you start driving to document anything that happens. The dash cam defers theft and can even lower your car insurance premium.

3. Car TV

Inbuilt TV screens in a car used to be considered a luxury. Nowadays, thanks to technology, they have become accessible to everyone. And even more, if you have an old iPad Pro. Thanks to the iPad, you can keep your kids occupied on the way to school or during a road trip. Download their favorite movies or cartoons, start it before your trip and drive in peace. Setting the iPad up is very easy. Find a case with a long strap that you can loop around the car seat's headrest.

4. Give It To Your Kids

One of the best ways to reuse your old iPad Pro is to give it to your kids. That way, your new iPad will be safe, and they will have their device to play with or watch movies. Remember to set the iPad with parental controls to ensure that they are safe and do have a discussion with internet safety. You can set the iPad’s parental controls by going to Settings, following Screen Time and Content & Privacy Restrictions.

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5. Second Screen

The iPad Pro 12.9's screen is massive, so use it to your advantage and set it up as a secondary display. Setting it up is seamless thanks to Apple's Sidecar, which allows you to use the iPad as a display that extends or mirrors the Mac desktop. One of the great advantages of Sidecar is that you can use it wirelessly; however, if you think you'll be using the iPad for long periods, connect it directly with the USB cable to the Mac. Ensure that the iPad and MacBook are signed in to the same apple ID.

6. Smart Home Hub

Why not convert your outdated iPad Pro to a Smart Home hub controller? All you need to do is download universal control apps and set them up on your iPad. Connect them to the other devices in your home, and you can control everything at the touch of a button. Switch off and on the lights or dim them to your liking, adjust the ambient temperature in each room or play your favorite music. You'll need a solid Wi-Fi network that is accessible throughout the home.

7. Digital Photo Frame

Your iPad Pro might be too old for the above uses, so why don't you convert it into a digital photo frame? Get your favorite photos or videos and display them in a time loop. You can mount it on a wall or prop it on a shelf. Remember that the iPad will need to be charged every so often, so either find a place next to a power supply or use an extension cord.

8. An E-reader

An e-reader is a great way to reuse your old iPad Pro. The large screen makes reading a breeze, and you can adjust the lighting, so it’s comfortable for a long periods. You can find hundreds of great reading apps on the App Store – many of these are free or against a small monthly fee. What could be a better way to put your outdated iPad to rest than by using it for educational and relaxation purposes? Reading on an iPad allows you to highlight, jot down notes, or search passages online. E

9. Recycle your iPad

Apple helps you recycle your old iPad for free. Depending on the model, you might even trade it in for credit towards your next Apple purchase or get an Apple gift card. However, either way, Apple will send you a kit with a pre-paid packaging label to send in your device. Or you can return it in-store.

Even though your old iPad will have other uses in the home, it is still essential to use a high-quality iPad case like the Zugu iPad Pro 11 inch case. Made out of TPU plastic, the Zugu case offers major drop protection of up to a five-foot drop on concrete.