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Exclusive “iPad Nano” Images Surface

Laguna Hills, California, June 7, 2012 - Leaked pictures showing part of the upcoming "iPad Nano" suggest Apple is rapidly approaching the big reveal. The "iPad Nano", if it is to be called that, will provide Apple leverage in the 7" tablet market that is currently dominated by both Amazon's Kindle Fire and Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

ZooGue recently received word from a source close to Apple, who wishes to remain anonymous, that Apple is in fact working on a smaller tablet to compete with the Kindle Fire and other 7" tablets.

Images of the downsized iPad’s back housing does not offer a very good scale, but the device measures out to have a 7.58” screen we are told. The images might be illegible due to the low resolution camera used to take these photos, but the part does feature FCC labeling, which was blurred in order for ZooGue's source to remain anonymous.

It seems both the “iPad Nano” and the iPhone 5 feature the same unknown dock connector. This is the same dock connector seen only before on what is said to be the iPhone 5. Despite Apple's push for Thunderbolt dominance, the port shown fits the description for microUSB, which is currently being discussed as a universal solution for mobile device I/O.

With WWDC 2012 only days away, our source believes Apple will use the spotlight for the announcement of this 7” iPad along with other products including iOS 6. Apple CEO Tim Cook had a smile at D10 prompted by the mention of a smaller model of their best-selling tablet, but then continued to elaborate on the subject and say,”Whenever we can do fantastic products and they have different price points, we’ll do that, we don’t have a religion about making one product.” Which rumors will Apple filter out and which will become fact from fiction?

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