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Textbooks Suck - ZooGue Announces BinderPad the Future of Textbooks


Textbooks Suck - ZooGue Announces BinderPad the Future of Textbooks

Laguna Hills, California, July 27, 2011 - With the demise of the local book store, textbooks are sure to follow. The new generation of textbooks will be available on the iPad, saving schools the expense of books not to mention saving millions of trees. ZooGue’s new BinderPad is an innovative way of carrying the tablet of the future in a 3 ring binder from the past.

Tim Angel, 26 year old CEO of ZooGue says, “Textbooks suck. They’re heavy, expensive and wasteful.” ZooGue announces something that doesn't suck, it's the BinderPad. He states, "Put an iPad in this baby, slap it into any 3 ring binder and you’re ready to go.


Having so many cases on the market to choose from, ZooGue wanted to offer something that was creative and useful; a case that would actually benefit their customers.  The BinderPad case is such a simple idea people will find themselves asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Mr. Angel states, “This is the second amazing invention that ZooGue has brought to this industry within the last year.  It’s simple, easy and convenient.  It just doesn’t get better than that.”

The BinderPad weighs in at just 3.5 ounces, and is only a 1/2 inch thick with the iPad inside. The ZooGue BinderPad for the iPad 2 is just in time for back to school. It's priced perfect for students at just $29.99. The cool thing about the BinderPad is that you can just pop it into any 3 ring binder. Such a great idea for such a great price is what makes ZooGue stand out from the competition. ZooGue even donates $1 from every case purchased to sponsor children’s charities. Currently, ZooGue supports 15 children monthly around the world. The BinderPad is in stock and available for purchase at

About the Inventor

Tim Angel is a 26 year old Entrepreneur/Inventor that started ZooGue in March 2010. With his great ability to invent products that are convenient and solve common problems, ZooGue has generated over a million dollars in sales. Tim started ZooGue after he lost his job. He was living with friends, sleeping on their couches, unable to find a good paying job due to the fact that he had no diploma. He was driven to be successful and wouldn't settle for anything less. He documented his story on his you tube channel. There were ups and downs, but in the end Tim's drive and determination were the power that made it possible for ZooGue to bring awesome products to the market and be extremely successful.