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ZooGue’s Latest Release Brings a Clear View to the iPad

Laguna Hills, California, June 6, 2012 - Durability is a needed asset for any product, especially one that provides a clear view for the precious iPad.  Just as one may cover their eyes to protect them from harm, ZooGue’s latest release provides such protection for the second or third generation iPad display.


ZooGue recently released the High Grade Screen Protector for iPad which provides an ultra-smooth Anti-Scratch surface that minimizes the appearance of fingerprints. The shield is perfect for use with the second and third generation iPad. Offering durable protection to the display, which is often found to be the most fragile and expensive part of the tablet, ZooGue’s Screen Protector for iPad functions well without affecting the quality of the graphics displayed on the screen.

Easy to adhere, the High Grade Shield is accompanied by an application soft card and a micro fiber cloth to ensure the ease of installation. Often screen-shields do not offer much durability, ripping at installation or tearing once installed on the device.  Offering a solution to this problem, ZooGue again brings superior quality products having their screen-shields manufactured in Japan providing only the best quality available. Unlike other screen protectors that may produce frustration because of tricky installation, lack of durability, and reduction of display quality, ZooGue’s Screen Protectors are sure to please.


The High Grade Screen Protector for iPad is competitively priced at an affordable $19.99 (USD) and is available for purchase at  The company offers a 30 day risk free trial on all of their products so there is absolutely no risk to the customer.

About the Inventor

Tim Angel is a 27 year old Entrepreneur/Inventor that started ZooGue in March 2010. With his great ability to invent products that are convenient and solve common problems, ZooGue has generated over a million dollars in sales. He is driven to succeed and doesn't settle for anything less. Tim's drive and determination are what make it possible for ZooGue to bring such innovative products to the market.

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