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6 Kid-Friendly Features of Zugu's iPad Air 10.9 Case

When it comes to finding an iPad Air 10.9 Case (4th Gen) 2020 for your kid, it can seem like your options are endless. It’s often tough to try to narrow down your choices to find the case that’s right for you and your child. You’ll want to invest in something that offers protection, is durable, and has features that make your child’s device easier to use.

That’s why you should consider Zugu’s iPad Air case, made specifically for the 10.9-inch model. Here’s six kid-friendly features of the iPad Air 10.9 case from Zugu - from an adjustable stand to airflow vents to prevent overheating.

Major drop protection

    drop protection ipad air case

    Children are usually a little clumsy, so dropping things is part of their (and your) everyday life. No matter how careful your child is with their iPad, accidents can happen. And, sometimes, devices aren’t dropped, they simply fall off of beds, tables, chairs, and other surfaces that may be above ground level. 

    Not every drop is significant enough to cause damage. But, those that are can lead to cracks, fractures, dents, and scratches that impact the condition of the device. Since even adults can’t completely prevent falls or drops, ensuring your child’s device is protected should be a top priority. 

    With Zugu, each case that you purchase is made from high-grade TPU and PC, two hard plastics commonly used to create medical equipment and bulletproof glass. These materials, in addition to the expert design of each case, offer military-standard drop protection that keeps your child’s device safe. Bumpers around the edge of the case act as shock absorbers and prevent hairline cracks if the device is dropped on any of its corners.  

    Adjustable multi-angle magnetic stand

      magnetic ipad air case

      Whether your child uses their iPad to watch movies, play games, or attend virtual school, an adjustable stand absolutely comes in handy. This iPad Air case has a multi-angle, magnetic adjustable stand that can be propped any of eight ways. The stand is magnetized to ensure that, once it is put into place, the edges of the stand and the ridge it fits into stay connected. 

      The magnetization is also great if the device is bumped into while the stand is in use. Instead of the device suddenly falling out of the propped position (which can cause cracks), the magnets will keep it sturdy and secure. 

      With eight angle options, your child can more comfortably view their device while using it. Many cases, even those with adjustable stands, only offer one or two (maybe three) options for propping. Since Zugu cases offer more choices, you (or your child) can easily prop the device into whatever position allows for the best viewing experience. 

      Secure magnetic mount capability 

        ipad air case secure magnetic mount

        Need to keep your kid occupied while you take care of dinner? Or, worried about sticky hands on the device as they dig into breakfast, lunch, or dinner? The magnetic mount on the back of the iPad Air 10.9 Case (4th Gen) 2020 can be securely attached to any metal surface, like a refrigerator door. 

        Sometimes, you’ll need to keep your child entertained in a way that allows the device to be used hands-free. If you don’t have enough counter space, or simply want to make sure that your child can touch their iPad, this mount is an amazing feature. The magnet is strong enough to hold the device to the metal surface without slipping or sliding. Once the ensure surface of the mount makes contact with the metallic surface, it will hold your device until you’re ready to detach it.

        Airflow vents to keep your iPad cool

          Kids have a habit of getting lost in their iPads, which can lead to them being in use for a few hours at a time. Electronic devices generate heat as they’re used and can sometimes overheat from overuse. Zugu cases are designed with airflow vents that are intended for just one purpose - to keep the internal and external temperature of the device from getting too high. 

          These vents allow the thermal energy from the device to not get trapped inside the case. Overheating can cause malfunctions to the device, but is also a safety hazard, especially for children. Increased temperatures can lead to burns or other preventable injuries. When the device is given proper ventilation, overheating and the associated issues are no longer a consideration. 

          Auto sleep/wake and protective magnetic cover

            ipad air case auto sleep/wake

            Every iPad has a built-in, automatic sleep/wake feature that helps to conserve battery. This feature is usually activated by a magnetic cover, which turns off the screen when closed and turns the screen on when opened again. Since your child won’t always remember to manually sleep their device, this magnetic cover does the job. Once the cover is closed, your child’s device is in sleep mode until they open it again.  

            The worst thing that can happen is getting ready to use a device only to realize that the battery is low, or, worst yet, completely dead. Zugu’s magnetic cover works to not only protect the screen from damage but also to keep your child’s device battery from draining unnecessarily. 

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            Elastic Apple Pencil pocket on back

              If your child has an Apple Pencil, you’re probably familiar with the panic you feel when you think they may have lost it. Even the most responsible child is likely to misplace their pencil at some point - unless they have a safe space to store it. 

              That’s why each Zugu case comes with a snug Apple Pencil pocket that allows for quick and easy storage. Once the pencil is securely stored in the pocket, your child can enjoy their iPad without fear of losing their accessory. The pocket is tight enough to keep the pencil in place but isn’t so tight as to make it difficult to insert or remove it. This makes using it incredibly kid-friendly - your child won’t have to struggle to store their pencil themselves. 

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