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Explore the Best iPad Air 10.9 Accessories You Can Get Online

It is difficult to get behind its hype unless you own an iPad Air. Isn't it just a tablet? Is it another expensive device you need to charge, maintain, and keep safe? Or maybe not. The iPad Air 10.9 transforms into a movie screen, a gaming device, a portable laptop, an exercise instructor, sous chef. It is a way to remain connected to the world wherever you are. Whether it is an iPad Air 10.9 case, thermal printer, or portable charger, commuting on a train or waiting at the airport will never be boring. And once you discover the plethora of accessories, the iPad’s scope of use becomes limitless.

1. Multi-Device Charging Station

If you are an Apple fan, a multi-device charging station is a way to go. Instead of charging your Apple Airpods, iPhone, and iPad in different rooms on various wires, you can consolidate everything into one charging station. Multiple models are available, but find one with USB-A and USB-C ports and a charging pad. Pop everything on the multi-device charging station and let it do its work. It will eliminate any unsightly wires, reduce time wasted looking for a free charger and keep all your devices in one space.

2. Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is so much more than a stylus. Do you miss writing in cursive or don't feel like using the keyboard? Write out notes, and love letters, or jot down essential quotes. And if you want to, convert it to text. The Apple Pencil gives you pixel-perfect precision, which is imperative if sketching or drawing detail. The tip glides smoothly on the iPad's glass screen and is sensitive to pressure and tilt. It might take some time to master the Apple Pencil, but it is worth every minute. Use the double-tap function to undo, erase or go back or switch between apps. Charging it is a dream as it takes place wirelessly.

3. Apple Pencil Case

If you miss the feel of writing with a biro or love to click the top in and out, then an Apple Pencil case is for you. Slip the Apple Pencil into a snug case, transforming it into a classic pencil or retro ballpoint pen. Choose from an array of fun colors and designs that combine modern with old school. Most cases are iPad 10.9 compatible, so you can attach the pen to your device to store or charge wirelessly. Find a silicone case to protect and give you a solid grip and an ergonomic design for comfort. A case is a great gift for Apple Pencil lovers and is a fantastic way of switching up its look.

4. Magnetic iPad Cover

A good iPad cover is an essential accessory. Find one that ticks all the boxes: protection, functionality, and appearance. The Zugu iPad 10.9 case is a fantastic example. Not only is it made out of robust TPU plastic, but it has reinforced corners to safeguard any knocks or falls. Aside from the military-grade protection, the back flap flips backward into a kickstand case with eight slots. Each slot has a strong magnet securely holding the flap in place. In addition, the Zugu case magnetically mounts upright on a metal surface, such as a refrigerator. The magnetic cover protects the iPad’s screen and activates its sleep and wake function whenever opened or closed.

The case is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, allowing you to charge it wirelessly. Slip the pencil into a convenient elastic pocket on the back for easy access when fully charged.

5. Portable Charger

Portable chargers have evolved into small, sleek devices from the bulky earlier generation models. Even their storage capability upgraded to faster, more robust chargers that can juice up to two devices at one go. Whether you love to watch movies on your commute to work or play games for a quick break, don't get caught with a low battery. You'll never be left in the dark with a portable charger.

6. iPad Screen Protector

Objects can slip and fall on the screen when it is exposed. Accidents can happen, even if you use an iPad cover. Although Apple makes the screen out of Gorilla Glass, which is extremely scratch resistant, the highest rate of iPad repairs is screen replacements. A screen protector gives you that extra peace of mind. Zugu makes a great screen protector with the same hardness level as a diamond. Made out of 25mm Japanese tempered glass, the Zugu screen protector is antibacterial, smudge, and fingerprint resistant. Installing it is a breeze, thanks to the detailed but easy-to-follow instructions. However, don't worry if you mess it up – Zugu will send you another one.

7. Mini Thermal Printer

Although not a necessity, a mini thermal printer is a great way to print anything on the go, and it is compatible with the iPad 10.9. Leave a cute message for your best friend, stamp name stickers before the office party, issue a label, or print a photo. A mini thermal printer is portable, light, and rechargeable. It's also a fun way to make memories and a smart way to copy notes. These inkless printers are hassle-free and easy to use. Customize your prints with fonts, filter effects, and themes to make your photos or stickers memorable.