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Four Reasons You'll Love Our iPad Mini Case

Any good iPad Mini case should not only be designed to keep your device while. While protecting your case is important, you shouldn’t only focus on protection. Your case should have at least a few features that make it stand out. These features can differ depending on your needs, but, we at Zugu believe that you deserve a case that perfectly complements you.

With thousands of positive reviews under our belt, you can be sure that our commitment to high-quality products isn’t just a fluke. That’s why we can confidently recommend our iPad Mini case for your 4th or 5th generation model of the device. Our products are made from only the most high-quality materials and are designed to last you for many years to come. 

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are four of our iPad Mini case’s top features that our customers love, and we’re sure you will too!

Amazing construction for ultimate protection

This case is constructed using two premium hard plastics, polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. These materials are some of the strongest plastics in the world and are commonly used to manufacture safety equipment and medical machinery. The durability of these materials ensures that every Zugu case is optimally designed for longevity in great condition.

The edges of this case are outfitted with bumpers that absorb shock during impact. If your iPad Mini falls or is dropped on any of its corners, these bumpers help to protect against damage. And, while these bumpers are thick enough to add extra protection, they don’t unnecessarily weigh down the device. 

Protective cover for screen safety

Every Zugu case comes with a cover that is lined with soft microfiber. This lining is deliberately soft and non-abrasive to prevent your screen from collecting micro-scratches that can affect screen visibility. Dust, dirt, and lint are also trapped by this lining, helping to keep the screen free from debris.

If you’ve ever dropped a device and had it land face down, you probably instantly panicked about the condition of your screen before you picked it up. This cover also acts as a protective barrier during accidents and can often prevent significant damage to your screen. Even with a traditional screen protector, your device’s screen is incredibly vulnerable. Once you’ve closed the cover on your case, magnets hold it in place securely, keeping the face of your screen and its four corners safely tucked away. 

Multi-angle magnetic stand

This iPad Mini case has an adjustable stand that can be positioned in any of seven angles. This stand is built to be very sturdy and durable enough to hold your propped device in place for hours. The legs of the stand are sturdy and won’t bend or buckle under the weight of the device. And, to help keep the stand in position, the legs and the ridges they stand in are magnetized for a more secure hold. 

Whether you need to prop your device to watch a late-night movie or attend virtual school, you can be sure to find the angle that works best for you. Many cases only have two or three angle options that make the stand difficult to use - with this case, you don’t ever have to worry about not finding the right angle. 

The stand also has small bump stops that also helps to ensure that, even at its most extended angle, the stand remains stable. While these bump stops are large enough to aid in keeping the stand in place, they aren’t so large as to make closing the stand difficult. 

Secure magnetic mount 

In addition to the adjustable stand, you can also use the magnetic mount that’s built into the back of the case. This mount has strong magnets that allow the case (and the device) to be attached to any flat metal surface. The magnets provide a hold that doesn’t cause any slipping or sliding, which can indicate a magnetic pull that is too weak. 

This feature is great to use anywhere where you may want to use your device hands-free and also have a suitable metal surface. Some of the best places to mount your device are appliances (like a stainless steel fridge) or a magnetized chalkboard (similar to those in a classroom or dorm room). It is also very useful in cases where you need your device accessible, but want to keep it out of reach of children or pets. 

The best choice for your iPad Mini

While we understand that there are many iPad Mini cases to choose from, we also know that many of these cases are of poor quality. When you make an investment, no matter how big or small, you want to be sure that your money is well-spent. This is especially true if the product you purchase is designed to keep a valuable item, such as your iPad Mini, safe from harm.

To ensure that you’re satisfied with your new iPad Mini case, your purchase is covered under a risk-free guarantee. This guarantee ensures that if for any reason our product doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can return it - no questions asked. 

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