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Here's the iPad Mini 6th Generation Case You Never Knew You Needed

If there is such as thing as the “perfect iPad Mini case”, many people would say that they’ve never found it. Although perfection looks different for everyone, there are certain things that can come close. For us, one of these “close to perfection” items is our iPad Mini 6th generation case

The latest generation iPad mini has a few standout features that set it apart from the earlier generation models. These changes range from updates to the device’s body -- like flat edges and uniformed bezels -- to improvements in the display, camera, and hardware (compared to the 5th generation). If you’re opting to invest in the new iPad mini, finding the right case to go along with it is essential.

This iPad Mini case is designed to perfectly fit your device and takes into consideration the many adjustments that Apple has made to the design and structure of the new model. Keep reading to find out just why we think this case is the iPad Mini accessory that you don’t want to pass on.

7-angle adjustable magnetic stand

This case comes with a seven-angle adjustable magnetic stand. Many iPad cases have stands that can only be placed into two or three angles, at most. But, with this case, you can comfortably prop your device into up to seven angles for better, more convenient viewing. The stand is magnetized, allowing it to offer a more secure hold when your device is propped. The legs of the stand are sturdy and are designed to easily hold the weight of the propped device.

And, for added security, the ends of the legs are outfitted with small stoppers that make it less possible for the stand to slip or slide out of place. Because of the magnetization and the stoppers, your device can be picked up while the stand is engaged and the device will remain securely propped. 

5-foot drop protection

The drop protection on this case is one of its most impressive features. Drop-tested on all sides, this case is certified to protect your device from at least a five-foot drop. This protection, also called military-grade drop protection, ensures that your device remains safe from damage even during the most severe forms of impact.

One of the features of this case that makes it ideally suited for protection is the bumpers along the edges. These bumpers are shock absorbers that prevent shockwaves from radiating across the device and causing cracks or dents to the screen or the body of the device. Thick, but not bulky, these bumpers don’t add any unnecessary weight to the device, while also providing invaluable damage protection. 

Magnetic mount capability

Strong magnets in the back of this case make it possible to mount your device on any flat metal surface. If you need hands-free use of your device but don’t (or can’t) use the adjustable stand, simply attach your device to the closest metal surface and you’re good to go. This feature is amazing overall but is often most useful in spaces like the kitchen (on a stainless steel fridge) or in offices or classrooms with metal cabinets. 

Airflow vents for device cooling

Overheating can lead to malfunctions that make it impossible to use your device. And, in some cases, the overheating is so severe that it can cause irreversible damage to your iPad Mini. To help prevent overheating, this case is designed with airflow vents cut into the sides. These vents allow hot air to escape the case before it can dangerously raise the device’s temperature. If you’ll be using your device for hours at a time, you don’t have to worry about how generated heat may negatively impact your usage. And, unlike with other cases, you won’t need to remove your device from the case to keep the temperature at a safe level. Just turn on your device and use it -- completely worry-free. 

Protective magnetic cover with auto sleep/wake activation

If you’re ever accidentally called someone or spilt something on your device’s screen, you know how important a cover can be. This case comes with a cover that is made from the same durable materials as the shell of the case. It protects the screen from damage during falls or impacts and helps keep debris (like dirt and grease) from building up on the screen. 

But, the protective cover on this case does more than keep your screen safe. While it is expertly designed to keep your screen free from scratches and cracks, its secondary purpose is to activate your device’s sleep/wake feature. Only specially magnetized covers are capable of activating this feature and this iPad Mini case is outfitted with such a cover. When the cover is closed, the device’s screen with darken and the device will shift into a minor power-down mode. Although not completely off, the device will remain in this sleep mode until the cover is opened again. Once the cover is opened, the screen will automatically brighten and the device will shift from “sleep” to “wake” mode. 

Elastic Apple Pencil pocket with wireless charging compatibility

If you’re like most Apple iPad users and have invested in an Apple Pencil (or are considering it), storage is a major factor. A safe storage location keeps your pencil safe from damage, but also ensures that it’s easy to find when you need it. This case has an Apple Pencil pocket on the back that is designed to perfectly store your pencil. The elastic material of the pocket allows for a snug hold that keeps your pencil from slipping out without causing any micro-scratching to the shaft of the pencil.