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Here's Why Our Customers Love Our iPad Pro 10.5 Case

Finding an iPad Pro 10.5 case that’s worth the investment doesn’t have to be a challenge. Although there are plenty of iPad cases that claim to be the best on the market, the real test of a product is the way that customer feels about it.

That’s why, after one million sales and countless positive reviews, we can wholeheartedly say that our Zugu iPad cases are expertly designed and built to last. And, we’re so committed to providing great quality iPad cases, that we’ve given each customer an automatic risk-free warranty. Don’t think we lived up to our claims? We’re confident enough in our products to stand by the fact that you’ll love them -- that’s why we let you try them completely risk-free.

If you’re ready to invest in an iPad Pro 10.5 case that won’t disappoint, you’ve come to the right place. And, if you’re looking for a case for another iPad model, like the iPad Mini or an iPad pro 12.9 case, just head over to our shop to check out our other offerings. 

Ready to learn more about the iPad Pro case with thousands of raving reviews? Keep reading to find out why our customers are in love with this product.

Adjustable magnetic stand with 10 different angles

This case comes with a ten-angle adjustable stand that is magnetized for a strong, secure hold. The legs of this stand are outfitted with small stoppers that aid in preventing them from slipping out of place. The angle positions of this stand range from 90-degrees to fewer than 45-degrees, giving you incredible flexibility in the way that you use that stand. The legs of the stand are designed to easily hold the weight of the device, so you can use your device at a propped angle for hours without the legs buckling or bending.

Shock-absorbing bumpers for major drop protection

The shell of this case is from TPU and PC and the edges are outfitted with thick bumpers. These bumpers are designed to absorb shock and prevent shockwaves from radiating across the device and causing damage. The bumpers are thick, but not bulky, and help provide your device with major drop protection in the event of a fall. This case has undergone intense drop testing and has been certified as offering fall protection from a height of at least five feet.

Magnetic mounting capability 

The ability to mount your device for hands-free use is one of the major benefits of this case. The strong magnets in the back of the case make it possible for it to be securely attached to a metal surface completely hands-off usage. This feature is a great asset and can be used to attach the device to items like stainless steel fridges, cabinets, metal cubicle dividers, and much more.

The strength of the magnets ensures that the device won’t slip or slide down the surface while it is mounted. To detach the device from the metal surface, simply pull it towards you and the magnets will release. Mounting your device is easy and makes for incredibly convenient use of the device. 

Airflow vents for overheating prevention 

Damage from overheating is a common reason why devices must be repaired or replaced. When a device’s temperature rises to dangerous levels, the internal mechanism of the device begins to malfunction. Overheating can cause glitching and lagging or, more seriously, can melt the metal that is used to connect the various internal aspects of the device. Most cases do not take overheating into account and can easily contribute to a device becoming too hot to function.

This case has airflow vents cut into its sides to allow trapped hot air to escape the case. By providing a pathway for the hot air to escape, the chances of overheating decrease significantly. Although a small design feature, having airflow vents included in the design of this case helps to ensure that your device’s temperature doesn’t rise to dangerous levels. Overheating devices can sometimes cause physical injury, so overheating prevention features on an iPad case are essential. 

Protective magnetic cover with sleep sensor triggering

The sleep sensor on the iPad Pro is triggered by a magnetic cover, like the one on this case. The magnets in the cover interact with the sensor and tell the device that it’s time to shift into a low power mode. Once the cover is closed, the device’s screen darkens and the battery is preserved as it remains in sleep mode. By opening the cover, the device is automatically shifted back into its normal power mode and the screen brightens in response. 

Of course, the cover also serves as extra screen protection. It is thick without adding any unnecessary weight to the case and is useful for preventing accidental touches and the buildup of grease and grime. 

Elastic Apple Pencil pocket with wireless charging compatibility

The Apple Pencil pocket on the back of this iPad Pro 10.5 case can accommodate any generation of the pencil. The pocket is made from a strong elastic material and provides a safe, snug storage location for your accessory. If you have a later generation model of the pencil, you can also charge your pencil while it is stored. Once the pencil is connected to the device, the device can be put to charge and the pencil will charge along with it.

This pocket offers convenient storage while making it easy to keep the battery charged and the pencil ready for use.