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Here's Why Our iPad Pro 12.9 Case Is a Customer Favorite

The most important aspect of any iPad case is its durability. The fanciest of features can be incredibly visually impressive, but what your device needs most is protection - not a case’s bells and whistles. 

But, it can be difficult to know what characteristics separate a durable case from one that isn’t. It isn’t always a good idea to blindly trust a company’s claims about its cases, especially considering so many companies are okay with lying to their customer s. Understanding whether or not a case is durable requires some research on your part, but you’ll need to know what to look for. 

At Zugu, we take pride in providing our customers with iPad Pro 12.9 cases that are made to last. Our ideal customer won’t need to purchase multiple cases from us in just a few years. While normal wear and tear is anticipated, you should never have to re-purchase a Zugu case due to lack of integrity. 

When it comes to durability, our iPad Pro 12.9 case truly can’t be beaten. And, this is true for any case, including for other models like the iPad Pro 11 case. Let’s take a look at why durability is so essential and how we’ve designed our cases for maximum longevity. 

Premier materials

One of the best ways to ensure that a case is durable is to manufacture it from high-quality materials. Cases made from materials such as rubber or silicone quickly degrade and need to be replaced faster than cases made from other materials. That’s why we only make our cases using thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, two of the world’s most reliable hard plastic materials.

These materials are used in the manufacturing of items such as safety helmets and bullet-resistant glass, which is a testament to how strong they are. Because of the durability of the materials, the shell of the case is more well-equipped to withstand impacts that would cause damage to other cases. The shell of the case is hard to help protect the device. When a case is made from soft or jelly-like materials, it offers much less protection than your device needs. 

Expert construction

It’s essential that your case is constructed well in addition to being made from durable materials. Great construction translates to a case with cutouts that line up perfectly to the port holes on the device. Poor construction usually means that the case’s edges are rough or unfinished, that the device doesn’t fit properly into the case, and/or that the case’s shell is thin or uneven.  

With our iPad Pro 12.9 case, you don’t have to worry about investing in a case that doesn’t fit your device. Our cases are expertly crafted to ensure that any listed compatible device can easily and comfortably be placed into a corresponding case. Expert construction also translates into a case that looks and feels as high-quality as it should. If you’ll be spending money on a case, it’s important that it looks good while it protects your device.

Amazing construction and great quality materials are the perfect combination to ensure that your device is safe and secure inside its case. 

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Extra features: 

Adjustable magnetic stand with 10 different angles

An adjustable stand helps you use your device in a variety of ways. This case has an adjustable stand that can be used in up to ten different angles. The stand is made from the same sturdy materials as the shell of the case so it’s optimally designed to hold the weight of the device while it’s propped. Magnets in the stand help ensure that the legs don’t slip or slide once you’ve put them in place. 

Secure magnetic mount capability

A magnetic mount on the back of the case provides a secondary hands-free feature for using your device. Strong magnets are built into the back of the case and allow it to be mounted onto any metal (or opposing magnetic) surface. This includes stainless steel fridges, metal cabinets, and other flat (or relatively flat) surfaces that are made from metal. The magnets are strong enough to keep your device in place, so it won’t slide or slip while the device is mounted. 

Airflow vents

Since TPU and PC aren’t breathable materials, it’s easy for a device to overheat while inside the case. Since using your device generates heat energy, that energy needs to be able to escape the case to prevent overheating. Airflow vents are cut into the sides of this case to allow hot air to flow out of the case. Without these vents, this heat is likely to cause a dangerous temperature increase that can cause significant damage or injury. 

Protective cover

This case comes with a protective cover that adds extra security to help keep your screen safe. The cover is magnetized and fully spans the entirety of the device’s screen from edge to edge. Because it is full coverage, the cover ensures that, once it is closed, no areas of your screen are exposed. Plus, the magnets in the cover activate the sleep/wake feature of your device. When the cover is closed, the screen automatically darkens, helping to save your device’s battery. When the cover is opened again, the screen brightens without you having to manually activate the screen. 

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