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Here's Why Parents Love Our iPad Mini Case for Their Kids

Many parents with younger children choose to give them tablets that are smaller in size, like the iPad Mini. The mini version of a tablet is a great option for a child because they are generally easier for tiny hands to handle. As a parent, it’s important to ensure that, although “kids will be kids”, their tablet isn’t damaged after just a few months (or even a few days) of use. The best way to do this is to invest in an iPad Mini case that is designed to withstand even the most adventurous child.

Our iPad Mini case is high-quality, well-designed, and outfitted with great features. In this review, we’ll take a look at why so many parents love our product and break down its most key features. 

Protective magnetic cover

The screen of your child’s iPad Mini is one of its most vulnerable parts. Children are prone to dropping things and, if their device is dropped on the screen, it can be easily damaged. This case comes with a protective cover that is designed to add an extra layer of protection to the device’s screen. The cover is thick enough to protect the screen without adding any unnecessary weight or bulk to the case

Since this cover is magnetized, it also activates the sleep/wake feature of the device. This feature, which is automatic, darkens your screen once the cover is closed. The screen darkening helps to save the device’s battery from draining while it isn’t in use. And, since your child might not always remember to turn off their screen, this feature is a great way to ensure that your child’s device doesn’t die prematurely. 

Adjustable magnetic stand with 7 different angles

The adjustable stand on this case is one of its greatest highlights. Unlike many other iPad Mini cases, this case has a stand that can be placed into any of seven different angles. While most stands can only be put into two or three positions, you have more than twice the options with this case. It’s likely that your child uses their device in a variety of ways. By having more than a few ways to prop your device, your child should be able to choose an angle that works best for them.

The stand is incredibly durable and is designed to be able to properly hold the device for hours at a time. The legs of the stand are magnetized for a better hold that won’t slide or slip easily. And, because of these magnets, even when the device is moved while propped, it is able to stay in place. 

Military-grade drop protection and microfiber interior

Drop protection is one of the most essential features for an iPad case, especially one that’s owned by a child. This iPad Mini case has a shell that is made from two durable strong plastics, thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate. These materials, which are used to create bullet-resistant glass, made up the majority of the case’s construction. 

In addition to high-quality materials, this case also has bumpers on its edges that are designed for optimum shock absorption. These bumpers, which outline the entire case, are amazing at ensuring that the shock from an impact doesn’t radiate across the device and cause any damage. 

Due in part to these bumpers, this case is certified as having military-grade drop protection. Military-grade protection requires that a case (with a device inside) is dropped on all sides from a height of at least five feet. After each test, the device is checked and, once there is no damage to it, the tests are considered successful. Cases that offer military-grade protection are the best for children, especially young children, because it helps to ensure that (even with major accidents) the device can remain unharmed.  

Secure magnetic mount capability 

The back of this case is outfitted with secure magnets that make it possible to mount it to any metal surface. Once the surface is relatively flat and made from metal (like a stainless steel fridge), you can safely mount your device to it. This is a great feature to use if you or your child need to use their device in an area like a kitchen or playroom. 

Once the device is mounted to the metal surface, it will remain secure and in place without slipping or sliding due to gravity. The strength of the magnets make it safe to leave your device mounted for as long as it needs to be used hands-free. Once you’re done using the device, simply gently pull it towards you to release the magnets and you’re good to go!

Elastic Apple Pencil pocket on back

If your child has an Apple Pencil that they use with their device, storage for this pencil is likely an issue. These pencils are easy to lose for adults and even more so for children with short attention spans. The elastic pocket on the back of this case makes storing your child’s Apple Pencil easy and intuitive, for both parent and child.

The pocket is easy to reach because of its convenient location on the case, yet is tucked out of the way enough that it doesn’t interfere with the use of the device. And, if it is a later model Apple Pencil, you can leave the accessory in the pocket and charge it wirelessly as you charge your device. 

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