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How to Download iOS 15.6 on My iPad?

Apple still has the final release date of its newest iOS 15.6 iPad version under wraps. However, if you can’t wait to try it out, Apple allows you to download its beta version to test and try out. The iOS 15.6 is a milestone update with new security patches, bug fixes, and new features. We'll guide you on downloading the pre-release version on your iPad. In addition, we'll list some of the features we know about.

How Do I Download a Beta Version?

Firstly, not everyone can download the latest beta version. These pre-release updates are available to people with a developer's account or those enrolled in the Beta Software Program. A developer's account allows you to develop, test, and distribute apps on the App Store. You can enroll in Apple’s Developer Program for an annual fee of $99 as an individual or an organization. This program gives you access to beta OS releases, tools needed to develop, test, and distribute apps, and advanced app capabilities. Usually, developers have first dibs on the beta versions – after some time, Apple then releases an amended update to Beta Software Program users.

Meanwhile, the Beta Software Program is free to sign up for and use. All you need is a valid Apple ID. You can join the program when setting up your Apple ID or the Beta Software Program page. Open a Safari page on your iPad and go to the Apple Beta Software Program pages. Choose Sign Up and log in with your Apple ID. Once you're in, scroll down the page to the Get Started section and click on Enroll Your iOS Device.

Why Should I Download an iOS Beta Version?

An iOS beta version is still in its testing phase. So you will have the opportunity to try out new Apple software before its official release and provide valuable feedback. You can evaluate the trial software’s quality, identify issues, glitches or bugs and send your feedback directly to Apple. If trying out and testing new things is your jam, and you don't mind navigating potential snags, then enrolling in the Beta Software Program is perfect for you.

Either way, the first thing to do before trying out any beta version is to backup your iPad. You should do this before installing any update, let alone a pre-release version. Either back up your MacBook, laptop, or iCloud to avoid mishaps. If you back up to your Mac, ensure you archive it to prevent it from being overwritten by a future iOS backup. This keeps your data, media, and information safe. Just a note – installing the beta software will not void your iPad's hardware warranty.

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How To Install iOS 15.6 Beta on My iPad with a Developer’s Account

1. Download the iOS 15.6 Beta

Open Safari on your iPad and go to Tap Discover, and the operating systems will appear on a bar at the top of the screen. Choose iOS 15.6 and hit download. The system will ask you for your developer's account username and password. Once you are in, go to the iOS 15.6 beta section. Tap download and leave it alone until it is done.

When the download is ready, make your way to Settings—Tap Profile Downloaded, followed by Install. The iPad will prompt you to restart the device – tap yes. The next step is to install the software update. Go to Settings, General, and Software Update. Tap the update and choose Download and Install. The iPad will ask you to enter your passcode and agree to the terms and conditions. Tap Agree again, and the installation begins. The iPad will restart and, when the reboot is ready, run with iOS 15.6.

How To Install iOS 15.6 Beta on My iPad with Software Beta Program

1. Check for Updates

Once the backup is done and you signed up to participate in the Apple Beta Software Program, you’ll start receiving the updates on your iPad. Go to Settings and tap General. Choose Software Update and give the system a few minutes to verify that it downloaded the latest beta version. Tap on the iOS 15.6 update and choose Download and Install. This step prompts the iPad to ask for your passcode. Input it and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Tap to confirm and let the iOS 15.6 download. When ready, your iPad will reboot, and once it restarts, you will be using the beta version.

2. How to Opt-Out

Apple will automatically update you with the newest beta versions for as long as you remain in the Beta Software Program. You can always choose not to download them. In addition, whenever you wish to remove your iPad, all you need to do is unroll your device.

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