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How to Use Siri on an iPad

Siri is the name Apple gives its voice activated response system when you need a question answered on all of its Apple products, including the Apple iPad. How do you use Siri on your iPad? Zugu Case makes the best iPad cases for all the Apple iPad models, from the iPad Pro 11 inch to the 2019 iPad Air 10.5 Gen 3. Below, we’ll explain Siri on your iPad. Contact us today for your iPad protective case!


Siri is Apple’s iconic virtual assistant that is part of Apple Inc.'s iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems. Siri answers questions when asked, as well as makes recommendations and performs actions. The software can adapt to individuals speech patterns over time, making Siri an on-demand companion for when you need a question answered. She debuted on the iPhone 4s in October 2011, and her popularity and usage has only grown since.

What Does SIRI Do On Your Ipad?

Some of the actions Siri can perform includes: 

  • Performs phone actions, such as dialing and ending calls
  • Checks basic information when asked 
  • Answers questions
  • Schedules events and reminders
  • Handles device settings
  • Searches the Internet
  • Navigates and gives directions
  • Helps with information gathering, such as local entertainment events 
  • Engages and launches iOS-integrated apps
  • Some limited third-party access to Siri, which can include messaging apps, payments, ride-sharing, and Internet calling apps. 
  • Answers follow-up questions
  • Sends text messages
  • Translates languages
  • Plays songs from your playlist
  • Tells you when the big game is
  • And so much more!

    How Does SIRI Work On Your Ipad?

    Siri is an amazing tool that can schedule meetings, remind you to pick up your kids from school, screen your emails, update your social media platforms, and take dictation. The sky is the limit with Siri, and as each day more apps come out that use Siri in a variety of ways to help you manage your busy schedule and stay organized in the chaos of life.

    Siri uses two processes — Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing. Speech recognition converts human speech into text. This text is then sent to Apple servers, which use Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to understand the intent of what the user is saying. This is no easy task considering how many ways there are in the Engligh language to ask a question or say the same thing, as well as the variances in people’s voices, dialects, and accents. Apple invests thousands of dollars in top-notch software engineers with backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to accomplish this enormous task. Machine Learning is contextual understanding of what you are trying to ask Siri. Finally, Siri uses entity extraction (the crux of what you are trying to say) to accomplish whatever task you are asking to be completed. Then, Siri replies back to us — all in a matter of seconds. 

    How To Turn SIRI On And Off On Your Ipad

    Siri usually comes already activated and set up for use on your iPad. However, to turn Siri on and check to see if she is activated, you’ll go to settings and on the left hand side on the menu, choose “Siri.” Siri turns on and off by tapping the green button. Siri works only with an internet connection, so if you’re without service or Wi-Fi, Siri won’t work.

    Siri can be operated on the lock screen on your iPad. You won’t be able to launch apps from the lock screen with Siri, but Siri can access your calendar and set reminders, which is handy to do when you’re out and about and don’t want to unlock your iPad just to do so. One caveat is this allows others with an internet connection to possibly use your iPad Pro 12.9 Case 2018 as well who may be sitting around you.

    Siri’s voice can be changed as well, from male to female and vice versa and with different accents, such as Amerian, Australian, or British, to suit your taste.

    How To Use The “Hey, SIRI” Feature

    Hey Siri allows you to activate Siri with just your voice as long as you proceed every inquiry with “Hey Siri.” You’ll have to spend a little bit of time acclimating Siri to your unique voice so it catches everything you’re saying, but this feature is cool and easy to use. Some iPads may need to be connected to a power source for this to work. However, beginning with the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, you won’t need to be connected for Hey Siri to work on your iPad.

    How To Use SIRI On an Ipad

    Now that Siri is activated on your iPad and you know how to use “Hey Siri”, you’re ready to begin using Siri. To activate Siri, you hold down the Home button on your iPad for a few seconds just like you would use Siri on your iPhone. Once Siri is activated, you’ll hear a beep and a prompt for your instructions. Glowing lines at the bottom of the screen on your iPad indicate that Siri is listening. Simply speak, and wait for Siri to answer.

    Anytime the glowing lines are lit, Siri is listening, so you can ask additional questions as you see fit. You can simply tap the microphone on your iPad to put Siri in listening mode. Without the glowing lines, Siri is not listening. Hey Siri on your iPad works without needing to press the Home Button. You can simply ask by prefacing your directive with “Hey Siri.” Siri does have a feature where you can teach her to say your name correctly on your iPad.

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