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How to Use Your iPad Air 10.9 Case With a Keyboard

Apple’s highly popular iPad has to be one of the best gadgets on the market. The fact that it is a tablet and not a laptop means it comes without a keyboard. However, using a keyboard makes the experience more comfortable. And it might even become a necessity, especially if you type a lot. How can you use a keyboard with your device in an iPad Air 10.9 case?

Different Types of Keyboards

1.       Internal Keyboard

The reality is you don't need to buy an external keyboard. Apple iPads have internal onscreen keyboards that are highly responsive and customizable. It also saves you from carrying around an external keyboard. It pops up whenever you can edit or enter text in any app. The onscreen keyboard is fun to use – pull it up by tapping anywhere on the screen that is a text field. You can pinch closed to shrink the keyboard, tap individual keys to type, or use QuickPath to type by sliding from one letter to the next without lifting your finger. If you love hearing the sound of keyboard clicks, you can switch it on through Settings. If you prefer silence, then switch it off. Other alternatives to the onscreen keyboard are to use the Dictation function, Apple Pencil, or an external keyboard to enter text.

2.       External Keyboard

Bluetooth is the only way to use an external keyboard with an Apple 10.9-inch iPad air case. You cannot connect the keyboard to the device with cables or wires, so Bluetooth is the way forward. Typing on a Bluetooth keyboard is so much easier than using the onscreen one. Bluetooth keyboards are portable and can be wirelessly charged through the iPad. You can also customize the keyboard with Apple shortcuts. Some models are foldable, taking up very little space. Use the Bluetooth Keyboard with your iPad anywhere – at the office, in a coffee shop, or when traveling.

How To Use A Bluetooth Keyboard With Your iPad Air Case 10.9

1.       Kickstand Case

A kickstand case goes hand in hand with using your Bluetooth keyboard. You can position your iPad at a comfortable angle and connect the keyboard. The case will protect your device while standing upright. Kickstand cases come in various forms. Some have a hidden leg at the back, which you can pull out to prop. Others flip back into a magnetic trifold, giving you three positions. Or you can buy an iPad air 10.9 case from Zugu that gives you eight adjustable angles. A strong magnet holds each angle in place, keeping your iPad exactly where you want it.

2.       Drop Protection

Drop protection is an important safety feature that sets high-quality cases apart from the crowd. Drop protection gives you the maximum height where your iPad can fall safely while in the case. For example, the Zugu iPad Air 10.9 case has major drop protection for up to five feet on concrete. And if the iPad does get damaged while in a Zugu case, the company will compensate you for the AppleCare+ repair costs.

3.       Water and Scratch Resistant

Ensuring your iPad is water and scratch resistant is essential when choosing a case. The last thing you must worry about is a liquid spill damaging your iPad. If this happens with a water-resistant case, all you need to do is wipe it down and go about your day. Just a note – if a lot of liquid fell on your iPad case, do take out your device. Get a dry microfibre cloth, and ensure all the ports, speakers, and buttons are dry. If any liquid seeps through, it might create long-term damage.

4.       Accessibility

IPad Air 10.9 cases should have precise openings for charging ports, cameras, and speakers – even if it is a rugged or military case. Checking the cover's cut-outs is one way to determine whether you're looking at a high-quality case. Is it easy to charge the iPad? Does the charging cable connect at an awkward angle or straight? Can you find the volume buttons and use them without pressing too hard? Can you take a clear photo, or is the camera obstructed?

5.       Military Grade Protection

Military-grade protection gives you additional peace of mind, especially when using your iPad in outside or harsh environments. Or if you share your iPad with other people, including kids. A military-grade iPad case meets standard military tests the U. S. Department of Defence sets. These 29 standard tests range from vibration, humidity, extreme temperatures, shock, sand, and exposure. If you see the label MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC, you will know whether the case meets military-grade standards. A military-grade case will have the code MIL-STD-810G.

Whether you finally sit down and write the book of your dreams, dissertation, or just your shopping list, a Bluetooth keyboard is a great accessory with the Apple 10.9-inch iPad air case.