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Ipad Travelling Tips With Ipad Mini 6th Generation Case

Your iPad mini, ensconced in an iPad mini 6th generation case, is a great travel companion when it’s time to hit the road. If you’ve got your iPad along you’ll be able to watch a movie, write out extensive journal entries when the creative bug bites, and take a series of pictures and videos that capture the most important moments of your latest adventure.  It’s like having a mobile office available at your command— plus a mobile relaxation center as an extra bonus. 

What do you need to know before you go? Here are some top iPad traveling tips info that can make your next trip with an iPad that much smoother.

Tip #1. Get a great case for your iPad

When you’re home, your iPad may lead a cushy life, migrating between couch and coffee table with a few forays onto the big bed in your bedroom. Taking it on big adventures means taking it into danger, and there’s the potential for a lot more hard knocks. 

Buy a shockproof case with 360 degree protection—- a magnetic flap that covers the front of the iPad is a good idea. This isn’t the time to save your dollars buying a cheapo case that won’t last the trip— read the reviews and get something that will last. A Zugu case is always a good choice; if you’ve got a 2021 mini, buy a 2021 iPad mini case.

Tip #2. Download the movies, music, and games you’d like to enjoy on your trip

Streaming services are great when you’re home, but not so much when you’re airplaning between cities. What you’ve downloaded onto your iPad, you’ll have it available anytime, no matter where you might be.  So, stock up on all your old favorites, and save a nice collection of songs, sleep music, movies and games to watch when the internet connection dies. 

Tip #3. Download offline maps for countries and cities you plan to visit

 Pulling up GPS to check your location or find out where the nearest bakery is works perfectly when you’ve got your own 5G plan or Wifi at every street corner. When you’re traveling a connection may be hard to come by, but a lost you in a strange town with no internet suddenly turns a lot brighter if you’ve got offline maps. One great option is to download the maps.me app and regional packs for any countries and areas you plan to visit.  Another possibility is OffMaps.

Tip # 4. Download Google Translate and get it ready for offline use

Google Translate doesn’t just translate text; it’ll also translate directly from the camera (for street signs, etc.) or from the microphone (for conversation). But the default is for online use. After you’ve got the app downloaded, go in and download offline translation packs for languages you expect to need.  

You can do this by visiting the settings, clicking on Offline translation, and then selecting “Add a language”. This is something you’ll want to do on your phone as well— but when you’re stuck in a foreign language, the more options you have the better!

Tip #5. Set up a photo backup plan so you can upload photos from your photo roll to the cloud whenever you’ve got good internet

There’s nothing worse than getting home to find that the airline has lost your luggage, complete with that iPad you took with you everywhere— and all the pictures and trip memories you saved on your device are gone forever. 

The airline company will reimburse you for your belongings, but they can’t reimburse you for pictures, so make an effort to backup mid-trip as often as feasible. We like to use Google Photos, which can be set to work in the background whenever you connect your iPad to Wifi. 

Tip #6.  Backup everything on your home computer, and set up Find My iPad

Photos aren’t everything, of course. Before you leave on your trip you’ll want to make sure you’ve made backups of everything you’re starting with, just in case, the worst happens. iCloud backups are great, but an extra backup on your home computer is a great idea too. 

Once you’ve got a new backup saved, check to see that “Find My iPad” is set to on. This will allow you to locate your iPad if you ever misplace it, whether that be in a hotel lobby, your tour bus, or on a bench of the Louvre. 

Tip #7. Add a lock screen and password

Some of us keep things under lock and key, even when they’re at home, but for others a lock screen is just an extra nuisance. When you’re traveling, though, it can be an incredibly helpful way to keep your information secure. 

Even if you don’t have anything sensitive on your iPad, you probably don’t want every other seatmate flipping through your pictures archive or contacts without asking first. So put on a password, and set up TouchID or FaceID, whichever one fits your model. 

A Checklist for Before You Go

Got your bags packed and your itinerary set, at least as nearly as you can before you start? Here’s a checklist to run through before you go:

  • Buy quality case for iPad
  • Download movies, games and music you want to use
  • Download offline maps
  • Download Google Translate
  • Set up a photo backup service
  • Backup everything on the iPad
  • Turn on Find My iPad
  • Add a lock screen and password

Once you’ve got that, your iPad should be ready for adventure.  Have fun, and don’t forget to capture all the memories to look back on later!