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Is iPad Mini 5 Good for PUBG? You Questions Answered

PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular games, ever, and if you’re buying yourself a new tablet you’ll want to know how well the game might run on your new device. It turns out the iPad mini 5 is good for PUBG— not as good as the newest iPad Pro, but still good!  Back when it came out it was— debatable— the ideal gamer’s tablet, and that’s only three years ago. Here are the relevant specs. If you need Cliff Notes: there's at all nothing wrong  with it, though the mini did get a performance upgrade in 2021. The older model, though, is still going strong.  So get your mini 5 and the iPad mini 5 case, and start gaming.

iPad Mini 5: Overview 

The iPad mini fifth generation came out in 2019, and at the time boasted the fastest processing power of any 8 inch tablet, be that iOS or Android. PUBG fans loved the gaming experience, which though not as immersive as on a tablet with a larger form factor was nevertheless impressive for the size. 

But there’s a huge benefit to gaming on a small tablet—- you can take it anywhere, and there’s no weight on your hand even if you have to carry it. The iPad mini 5 weighs just 300 grams and is 6.1 mm thin. The sleek aluminum back makes it a pleasure to hold. 

Of course, if you plan on taking your PUBG iPad out and about you will want a case. Still, that’s not all that much extra weight, and if you get a Zugu Case you’ll have a multi-angle stand and fancy magnetic mount, so you don’t even need to hold it. 

iPad Mini 5: Processing Power

The iPad mini comes equipped with an A12 Bionic processor and 3 GB of RAM. That’s 150% of the lower limit for PUBG— 2 GB— and that extra RAM definitely helps the game run smoothly without lags. 

The A12 Bionic processor isn’t as fast as the A15 bionic chipset in the iPad mini 6, but it’s still fast. Sure, if you’ve got the extra cash you can spring for the new tablet— but if not, A12 is nothing to sniff at.  It made the Mini 5 three times faster than the Mini 4 (and with 9 times faster graphics)

The A12 chip has a six core CPU (that’s four efficiency cores and two for performance) a four core GPU, and an eight core neural engine. According to the advertisers, this neural engine has the ability to handle 5 trillion operations per second. That makes even the immense demands of a game like PUBG on the processor look like small potatoes. 

The iPad mini 5 with its a12 processor can handle serious work on applications like Adobe Lightroom, and it can definitely handle PUBG as well. At the time it came out it was heralded as the best thing you could buy for the money, and it still pretty much fits that bill.

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iPad Mini 5: Display

The iPad mini 6 got a bit of a redesign, and the narrow bezels on last year’s device make the thicker edges of the 2019 model look outmoded and not-so-cool. The iPad mini 5, though, is still equipped with a pretty good display and graphics capability. 

The screen is 7.9 inches tall, and it has a 4:3 ratio. The resolution of 2048 x 1536 was never revolutionary, but the advanced Retina display provides a good viewer experience. True Tone technology means that the white balance of your on-screen environment matches that of your surroundings; yellow tinted when you’ve got yellow light, for instance, and a little bluer if you’re under cool white light. 

Since the screen is laminated, the image reaches all the way through your screen: there’s no air gap. This isn’t as much an essential for something like PUBG as it is for artistic work, but it still makes for a better experience. 

Playing PUBG on the iPad

What’s the bottom line? Playing PUBG on the iPad is not only possible, it’s a treat! Gamers love the responsive processor, the sharp graphics, and most of all, the tiny form factor. The iPad mini really found that sweet spot between a too-small phone and a too-big tablet.

PUBG Mobile came to iOS in spring of 2018, and many gamers feel it’s the best way to play. A free download, there’s nothing stopping anyone from downloading and getting started: except a PUBG worthy device. You can play PUBG on an iPhone (5s or later) but you’re going to be limited by the small screen. Those graphics just don’t look as good when they’re scaled down as much as that.  It’s also harder to use the onscreen controls if they’re squashed into a tiny portion of a phone.

The iPad, though, is a different game entirely. With far more room on the display, it’s as if it was made for gamers. And for those who feel a full-sized iPad is heavy and unwieldy, the mini is perfect: just big enough you don’t have to squint, just small enough you can hold it in one hand. 

Download your copy of PUBG on the app store, and don’t forget to circle back and let us know what your experience is. Is the iPad mini 5th generation the best of both worlds: affordable, light, and still powerful enough to make for a great player experience? We want to hear from you.