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Is the iPad Mini Water Resistant?

What happens if you drop your iPad Mini in a puddle or the bathtub? Or, even worse, in the toilet bowl? Will it survive getting wet? Unlike the iPhone, iPads do not have an Apple IP rating. An IP rating shows splash, water, and dust resistance level. So, for example, the iPhone 13 series has an IP68 rating, which means the phones are water resistant at a maximum depth of six meters for up to 30 minutes.

Despite their high portability, iPads were never intended for use in the water while swimming or in the bathtub. Apple never issued any ratings for iPads, which means that the iPad Mini is not water-resistant. So, what can you do if your iPad Mini gets wet?

Act Quickly

There is a difference between your iPad Mini falling in a pool or getting splashed by a nearby drink spill. However, the key to minimizing any damage is to act quickly. As soon as it happens, remove your iPad from the spill zone. Use a clean, dry absorbent cloth. A quick wipe should do the trick if the screen or back gets wet from a spill.

However, if the iPad Mini was fully immersed, take it out of the liquid. Remove the cover, if any, and use a dry cloth to wipe off all the excess water. Take extra care around the speakers, ports, camera lenses, and buttons. You can use a Q-tip around the ports, but do not insert it inside, especially in the charging port. The Q-tip will absorb any trapped water. Water damage occurs when it seeps into the iPad through these crevices.

Switch Off the iPad

Once you have dried it off well, switch off the iPad. Avoid the temptation to open any apps or start browsing to check if it is still functioning. Press and hold the top button with the volume button until a slider to turn off the device pops up. Drag it and let it sleep. If the iPad turned off when it got wet or was already off, do not switch it on.

Doing so increases the risk of short circuits or electrical damage. Once your iPad is off, remove the sim card. If you can't find the pin tool provided with the iPad, use a toothpick or paperclip. You don't need to apply too much pressure – a firm push will click the slot out. If the sim card is wet, wipe it down and put it aside.

Be Patient

The next step is probably the hardest. You wait and leave the iPad off to dry for at least 24 hours. If possible, turn it on after 48 hours. Keep the iPad cool on a clean, dry microfibre cloth or towel. Ideally, prop it up safely with a lightning port at the bottom and rotate it after 12 hours to allow any water in the upper speakers to drain. If it doesn't turn on, try charging it. However, you must refrain from charging the iPad during the drying period.

Hopefully, you are lucky enough that the iPad Mini turns on and functions without hassles. If it does turn on, but spots or lines appear on the screen, then the battery or internal circuits might be damaged. Also, check the camera app to see moisture in the camera lenses. Either way, don't panic. Call a certified Apple repair expert to see your iPad. AppleCare+ does not cover water damage repairs, even for iPhones.

Things You Should Not Do When Your iPad Gets Wet

  1. Do not put it in rice. Putting a wet device in a bag of rice is an urban myth that always pops up its head. Putting in rice does not help with water absorption – if anything, the iPad is stuck in a bag filled with moisture. Also, the rice grains can break and get stuck in the iPad’s crevices, such as the charging port. Silica drying bags are safer and more efficient options for drying out the iPad. The same goes for cat litter and oatmeal. These do not provide dehydration properties, especially if the water seeped inside the device.
  2. Do not use a hair dryer. Using a hairdryer can cause even more damage. Aside from the water, high heat can damage the iPad, its electronics, and internal circuits. The same goes for using a space heater, putting it next to a strong heat source, or leaving it in the sun. The best thing you can do is allow your wet iPad to dry at room temperature.
  3. Do not push any buttons. Take care when drying off your iPad not to push any buttons, such as the top or volume buttons, to avoid forcing water into the circuits. Press them once to switch them off, and then leave them alone.

Even though the iPad Mini is not water resistant, having a good iPad case is one of the best ways to avoid any hassles if it gets wet. The Zugu iPad Mini case provides protection thanks to its TPU cover, which is water-resistant and easy to clean. You also have significant drop protection and a kickstand case with eight adjustable angles.