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The Best iPad 9.7 Case for Artists

If you’re an artist that uses your iPad 9.7 to help design and create your art, it’s important to find ways to damage-proof your device. The best way to help prevent damage is to invest in an iPad case that offers multi-faceted protection. While there are thousands of iPad cases on the market to choose from, not all of them are able to meet your needs as an artist. And, since being an artist is often already an expensive commitment, you probably want to ensure that the money you pay for your device case is well spent.

Thankfully, there is an iPad 9.7 case (for the 5th and 6th generation model) that offers amazing functionalities for an artist. This case has multiple features that make it well-suited for the needs of an artist, such as enhanced drop protection and a multi-angle adjustable stand. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive aspects of this iPad 9.7 case.

Robust bumpers and major drop protection

This case is designed for ultimate drop protection, which includes the addition of protective features like 360-degree shock-absorbing bumpers. These bumpers are expertly designed to protect the vulnerable edges of the case. If the device is impacted along any of the bumpered edges, the shock is prevented from radiating across the case and causing damage in the form of cracks and dents. 

Another important aspect of this case’s protective features is its military-grade drop protection. This case has been verified to protect devices from damage during a fall or drop of at least five feet. This means that it’s unlikely that your device will experience damage from it falling off of a table or being dropped during normal use. This drop protection helps you, the user, more confidently use your device without fear of it becoming damaged from everyday usage. 

Adjustable magnetic stand

As an artist, being able to use your device in a variety of angles is incredibly useful. Not all cases have stands and those that do often do not have stands that are adjustable. This iPad 9.7 case has an adjustable stand that can be adjusted into eight different positions. The stand is also magnetized to help ensure that is remains in place with no slipping or sliding once the device is propped. 

The legs of the stand are durable and are designed to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the device with no issue. Unlike some other case’s stand, this stand won’t buckle or bend after a few hours of use. The durability of the stand ensures that you can find a comfortable angle to view your designs, sketches, and notes without having to worry about the stand falling out of place. There are also small bumpers at the base of the stand’s legs that, in addition to the magnetization, help the legs maintain the propped position. 

Protective magnetic cover

To help further protect your device, this case has a magnetic cover that serves to add a level of protection for your screen. Even with a screen protector, your device is susceptible to cracks and scratches from accidental impact or contact with hard objects. If you’re in an art or design studio, you can often be surrounded by objects that are capable of causing unintentional damage to your device. This protective cover is useful for ensuring your device’s screen is safely tucked away when the device is not in use.

The cover is magnetized to help it remain in position when it is open or closed. The magnets make it difficult for the cover to shift out of place, which is useful because, if the case is dropped and the cover is closed, it will remain closed, further protecting the screen. The cover activates the device’s automatic sleep/wake feature meaning that the screen darkens automatically when the cover is closed and brightens again when the cover is opened. The device’s battery can often accidentally drain due to the screen being on when the device is not in use. But, with a simple closing of the cover, you can quickly darken your screen, saving your battery.

Secure magnetic mount 

Being an artist means sometimes needing to use your device hands-free. If you aren’t able to use your case’s adjustable stand, due to lack of space or other reasons, you are usually out of luck. However, with this iPad 9.7 case, you have another option - using the case’s built-in magnetic mount capabilities. 

The back of this case is outfitted with incredibly strong magnets that allow the case to be securely attached to any flat metal (or magnetic) surface. This is an amazing feature to utilize, especially if you are in a workspace that has metal cabinets or stainless steel surfaces. The magnets in the case are strong enough to hold the encased device without it sliding off of the surface it is attached to. And, when you’re ready to remove the device, you can do so easily by gently pulling it towards you to release the magnetic attraction. 

Elastic Apple Pencil pocket 

As an artist, it’s likely that you’ve invested in an Apple Pencil to make creating your art a little easier. If you have one of these accessories, you’re sure to know how tricky it can be to keep them from getting misplaced. Although you can purchase a standalone Apple Pencil case, the best place for it to be stored is within reach of your device.

This case has an elastic Apple Pencil pocket built into the back of it that allows you to quickly, securely, and conveniently store your pencil. The pocket is snug and is perfectly designed to keep your pencil in place and safe, even while you (and your device) are on the move.