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The Best iPad 9.7 Case for College Students

As a college student, finding an iPad 9.7 case that can keep up with your schedule is important. The right iPad case will be able to meet the demands of your busy timeline, while also providing amazing features and functionalities. 

If you’re looking for a case, you’ll notice that there are thousands of options available online. The plethora of options can make it difficult to narrow down the good from the bad. And, as a student in college, the affordability and durability of the items that you choose to purchase are important. 

In this review, we’ll take a look at the Zugu iPad 9.7 case that we think is the absolute best for college students. This case has a range of great features and is designed to last you years into the future -- well after you’ve finished your degree and graduated. Keep reading to find out just why we love this case so much. 

Rugged TPU + PC shell for major drop protection

The best cases are made from hard plastic materials like polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). These materials are often used to create safety equipment and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. This means any case that you purchase that is comprised of these materials is almost guaranteed to be about to withstand intense impacts. 

Cases made from other materials, like soft silicone and rubber, simply can’t provide the level of protection that you need. This iPad 9.7 case is expertly constructed from both TPU and PC, ensuring that your device will be protected if it falls or is dropped. And, this case is outlined on its edges with bumpers that are designed to absorb shock. These bumpers make it difficult for the shockwaves from an impact to travel across the body or screen of the device and cause damage. Since the edges of the device are incredibly vulnerable, having the bumpers covering 360-degrees of the case can give you some much-needed peace of mind.

Adjustable magnetic stand 

College students often have to use their iPads for more than just entertainment. Logging onto virtual classes and completing assignments are also incredibly common tasks that can be done via iPad among university students. The right case should have a stand that makes it possible for you to do anything and everything that you require and, adjustability is the key to this. A stand that isn’t able to adjust leaves you with just one angle position option and, usually, that isn’t nearly enough.

This stand, unlike many others on the market, has eight angles into which it can be adjusted and positioned. The legs of the stand are designed to be strong enough to hold the weight of the device without bending or buckling, meaning your device can remain propped for hours at a time. And, since the stand is also magnetized, you can be sure that the legs won’t slip or slide out of place while they are in position. 

Protective magnetic cover

If you’re worried about the safety of your screen, then you need a case that has a protective cover. While a screen protector can do a good job of protecting against damage from direct impact, a cover adds another layer of security by preventing impacts from making direct contact with your screen. 

The protective cover on this case is also magnetized, which serves a few practical functions. Firstly, because the cover is magnetized, it remains securely in place when it is closed -- no more worrying about your cover coming undone accidentally. The magnets in this cover also enable it to activate the automatic sleep/wake feature of your device. With this feature, once the cover is opened, the screen will remain active or “awake”, even without any touches detected. If the cover is closed, even while audio or video are playing, the screen will automatically darken and go to “sleep”. This feature helps save the battery from draining while the device is not in use. 

Secure magnetic mount capability

Using your device hands-free is often necessary as a college student and, sometimes, not even an adjustable stand can offer you the flexibility that you need. That’s why we’ve included magnetic mounting capabilities for each of our iPad cases, no matter the model. 

These magnets, which are incredibly strong and reliable, allow the device to be mounted on any metal surface. This is a great feature for use in a dorm room (where there may be metal cabinets or magnetized boards) and other spaces like kitchens and classrooms. Due to the strength of the magnets in the mount, the device, once mounted, won’t easily slip or slide down the surface it is mounted to. 

Elastic Apple Pencil pocket on back

Since many students are also Apple Pencil owners, it makes sense that having storage for this accessory is important. The back of this case is outfitted with an elastic pocket that is perfectly crafted to fit your Apple Pencil. The pocket is snug enough to ensure that your pencil doesn’t fall out once it’s stored. And, because of its convenient placement, you easily store and remove the pencil with no hassle.

Being in college isn’t easy, but having practical accessories, like a feature-heavy iPad case, can add a little more simplicity to your busy days. 

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