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The Best Uses of iPad for Parents

Parents are busy people. Between working, running the kids to practice, cooking, and doing laundry there is not a lot of spare time. Enter the iPad, an amazing, portable electronic device that has been helping parents for well over a decade now. Zugu Case makes the best iPad covers for all makes and models, including the new 2020 iPad Air 10.9. We believe in protecting your iPad since it is such an integral part of your life. If you need more tips about protecting your iPad, you can find them here. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best features of iPads for busy parents.

Best uses of Ipad for Parents

Parenting Information

The iPad has many apps to help you learn about being a parent. You can listen to podcasts about child development or ask Google your most pressing parenting questions. The iPad is designed to be a quick and easy reference tool for your use as a parent.

Kids Activities

When your children are little, oftentimes you are stuck at home which can get boring for you and your child. There are many apps that give you activities to do at home, or that will find kid-friendly activities near you. You can also get apps that will tell you which restaurants are offering free kids meals on which days. This is vital not only to your pocketbook, but to eliminating the hassle of having to guess.

Health Check

When you have a baby it seems like you are heading into the doctor’s office for wellness checks every day. In order to track your appointments and the seemingly endless number of immunizations your baby requires, you can utilize your Apple iPad. Apple apps will track your scheduled reminders and tell you what doctor’s appointment is typically required when the time arises. You can track all of your family’s health, including yourself, as well.


There’s no shortage of fitness apps available on the Apple iPad. From yoga to cardio and Pilates, you can find a fitness app for you. However, most parents need support in order to find the time after a baby to prioritize their health and fitness. But good news! There are community fitness apps so you can meet up with other parents in your area for a workout and end at a park for a play date. If you want to eat healthier, there are a plethora of apps to track your eating and nutrition as well.

Budget Help

Finances are something none of us enjoy thinking about. Let’s face it, the most onerous tasks are probably balancing your checkbook and paying the bills. You’d rather change 1000 diapers before sitting down to do these activities. There are apps from Apple that you can use on your new iPad Pro 11 or iPad Air 10.9 Case to make this task not quite as burdensome. You can set automatic bill due date reminders, as well as set up your bills to be paid automatically. This can be a lifesaver if you’ve just had a baby and are spending every waking (and sleeping) moment caring for your little one. You can use budget apps as well that will track your budget for you. You can see your monthly income and expenses easily on your iPad.


“Feed me” seems to be the most common universal explicitly or implicitly spoken request by children. Luckily, Apple has got your back with amazing apps for your iPad that will help you plan meals by listing ingredients you need to buy. You can also order your groceries for pick up if you so desire. Inside the grocery store, you can scan barcodes for nutrition information, as well as see if coupons are available.

Stay In Touch

At the end of the day when you finally sit down, you realize you haven’t returned a friend’s text message. If you have your iPad with you all day long, you will be able to utilize those few extra moments getting an oil change or at the doctor’s office to catch up on emails, check your social media accounts, and stay in contact with friends and family. Snap a picture of your sleeping baby, and post to all your friends and family with your Apple iPad.

Entertainment Purposes

We all need to catch a Netflix show, doodle, write in a journal, or read a good book. With an Apple iPad, you’ll be able to do all of this quickly and easily. No matter if it's the new iPad Pro 11 Case or iPad Air 10.9 it will fit nicely in a diaper bag or backpack and is great to have if you get stuck somewhere. Raising kids is not easy, so allow your brain some precious minutes of mindless activity while your kids are napping.