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The Top 5 iPad 5th Generation Cases for Kids

Purchasing an iPad, especially for your child, is a real investment. That’s why it’s important that you protect your investment by pairing it with a suitable case. Through no fault of their own, children are more likely to cause wear and tear to their device than an adult might.  

While buying an iPad Pro 11 case, keep in mind that not every case is made to fit your iPad model. If you have a 5th generation iPad, you’ll need to keep your sights set on an iPad 5th generation case. Making sure that you have the right case is one way to ensure that no matter what your child throws at the case (sometimes literally), it will stand up to the pressure. 

We rounded up some of the best iPad 5th generation cases for children, ranging from cute and dainty to all-out military-grade protection. 

1- Zugu iPad 5th/6th Generation Case

Zugu offers something for everyone. Although it’s often popularized as an adult iPad case, Zugu cases are actually incredibly smart purchases for parents to make on behalf of their children.   Zugu iPad for 5th/6th generation is a rugged protective case with a unique design and build. These features make this iPad case one of the best options on the market. This case can be adjusted at eight different angles and possesses a magnetic stand.

The cover features a magnet that engages the iPad’s auto sleep and wake characteristics. Zugu is an also excellent choice for its magnetic mount capability, which can be used to stick to any metal surface. Cooking in the kitchen and need a hands-free solution for occupying your kids? Use the magnetic mount to attach the iPad to the refrigerator and have your kids follow along with your recipe on their device. Plus, this helps to keep it free from sticky fingers and accidental food spills.

Children are known to be a bit destructive, so the material of the case you choose is important. Zugu cases are all made from strong hard plastics, TPU and PC, that are used in construction and to create safety equipment. Its interior is made out of soft microfibers to maintain the scratch-free surface of the device. 

Zugu iPad 5th generation cases are designed to be tough and last you through years of use. Each purchase comes with a 60-day risk-free guarantee and a two-year warranty, proving just how confident Zugu is in its cases. 

With these optimum features, this protective case can take any and damage caused by your kids. Its amazing design and durable material make it one of the best choices for kids. 

2 - JETech Case for iPad (9.7-Inch, 2018/2017 Model, 6th/5th Generation)

Are you looking for a classic slim design that doesn't add weight to your child’s 5th generation iPad? If the answer is yes, then a JETech case may be just right for you. It comes with a classic slender design, is lightweight, and has a smooth interior and exterior made from polyurethane and PC. 

This iPad case isn’t bulky, yet provides excellent protection in the event of a drop or fall. Along with these features, this iPad has all the innovative aspects that you might be looking for in an iPad case for kids. Its tri-fold front cover lets you prop the case in a variety of positions for easy reading, movie watching, and scrolling online.

3 - Pepkoo iPad 9.7 inch Case for Kids

Depending on the age of your child and how colorful they want their case to be, a PEPKOO case may be an excellent choice. These cases come in a variety of colors, including green/blue, pink/blue, blue/green, and the more subdued gray/black. 

This case comes with a shockproof feature and enforced corners to prevent cracks, chips, and dents. It is built with kid-friendly and non-toxic EVA foam, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your child while using this cover. The PEPKOO case also provides a comfortable grip due to its soft exterior, designed to be easy to hold. 

The creative kickstand in the back helps you prop the device and can even double as a handle for your little one. 

4 - Otter Box Defender Series Case for iPad 5th Generation

If simplicity is your thing, then you should definitely consider this iPad 5th generation case. This iPad case has a classic matte design and is part of the popular OtterBox Defender Series. These cases are known are for their durability, largely due to their added features like drop protection. Although it doesn’t come in fancy colors, the protection it offers definitely makes up for anything it lacks in flashiness. 

Since we all know that children can be messy, protecting the ports on your child’s device can prevent internal damage. This case has port covers that help keep dirt and debris from getting into the ports, a great addition to an iPad case intended for a child. It also comes with an adjustable handle, a touchscreen protector (to prevent scratches), and Apple Pencil storage. 

5 - Ace Guarder iPad 2017/2018 iPad 9.7 inch Case

This Ace Guarder case for iPad provides extra protection with its soft rubber silicone and hard polycarbonate plastic. If you want something colorful and stylish, that is still focused on all-around protection, you may want to consider this Ace Guarder case for 5th generation iPads.  

You can purchase this case in a variety of attractive and appealing colors and patterns that suit any child’s wants. The front cover has an easy snap-on feature that makes it simple to put on and take off and provides military-grade drop protection.  The multi-function kickstand makes it easy for your child to watch YouTube, attend virtual school, and play games. It has all precise cutouts for easy access to all buttons, cameras, and ports.