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Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying iPad Mini Cases

Size isn’t everything in life, especially when it comes to iPads. There is something incredibly comforting about walking around with a pocket-sized iPad that offers you the same power and speed as its more prominent and more expensive members of the iPad family. Although the iPad Pro 12.9 is Apple's most popular tablet, the iPad Mini ranked second in sales and popularity between January and March 2022. Getting an iPad Mini case is one of the first things you must do to protect your device. And we listed all the things you should keep in mind.

1. Drop Protection

Drop protection is one of the most important things to look out for in an iPad case. This safety feature covers the maximum height of a fall while leaving the iPad intact in the case. The level of drop protection varies from one brand to another. However, it’s easy to distinguish between premium and average cases by the height of drop protection they offer. Remember that it’s easy for any company to promise drop protection. However, you can separate those who truly believe in their product from their promise. Zugu cases, for example, cover AppleCare+ costs for any iPad damaged in one of their cases.

2. Water and Scratch Resistant

One might think that a water-resistant iPad might not be necessary. However, you will regret it when that cup of coffee or glass of water spills over your iPad. Look for an iPad Mini case with a water-resistant cover that you can wipe clean of any liquid spills. It's also helpful to find one that is scratch resistant, as it will last you longer. Take care to wipe the iPad dry, especially if much liquid falls on the case. Remove the iPad from the case and dry it with a clean microfibre cloth. Make sure to dry around the camera lenses, charging ports, and buttons to avoid liquid seeping inside the device.

3. Kickstand Case

A kickstand is one of the most important features to look out for in an iPad Mini case. The more angles it has, the more use you get from your iPad. The Zugu iPad Mini case with a pencil holder is a great example. The front flap flips back and transforms into a kickstand case with eight adjustable angles. You can set it up from almost flat to upright, allowing you to read, write, chat, browse or watch a movie. The kickstand leg attaches itself firmly to the front flap with powerful magnets embedded in the case. The Zugu case also has a magnetic mount that allows you to stick the iPad to any magnetic surface.

4. Accessibility

It's useless to buy a military-grade or rugged case only to find you cannot access the volume buttons or charging port. You will find this problem in poorly designed cases or ones that are too big for the iPad. In fact, it is essential to test that all the buttons and iPad openings are accessible and easy to use. The charging cable should fit comfortably without bending or going at an awkward angle.

5. Military Grade Protection

Military-grade protection offers you peace of mind regarding your iPad Mini's safety. It is a feature that shows the product reaches a series of military standard tests set by the U. S. Department of Defence. These 29 standard tests range from vibration, humidity, extreme temperatures, shock, sand, and shock exposure. If you see the label MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC, you will know whether the case meets military-grade standards. A military-grade case will have the code MIL-STD-810G. Although military-grade iPad cases can be bulky or heavy, you can find iPad Mini cases that still look elegant. And this leads us to the next point.

6. Aesthetics

Some may argue that aesthetics are frivolous. It's absolutely fine to want a case that offers high protection while looking good. First impressions count, and walking into a meeting with a sleek, elegant iPad case will help you feel good. The iPad’s functionality should not exclude the image you want to portray.

7. Quality

Buying the most stylish or fashionable iPad of the moment is only useful if the quality is good. You want your iPad Mini case with pencil holder to last and safely take any knocks or falls. Make sure your iPad case is made from high-quality material that is robust and designed to last. Examples of materials used in good iPad cases include TPU plastic and polycarbonate. Both of these create a lightweight shell around the iPad, safeguarding it from knocks, bumps, and falls. TPU plastic, for example, is a solid material used in military equipment.

8. Features

A high-quality iPad case should have certain basic functions, such as a sleep/wake feature. It might be a basic function, but a malfunctioning of the sleep/wake feature can lead to a drained battery, overheating, and, potentially, long-term damage. Closing the cover should turn off the iPad's display, locking it for security and saving power. Opening it reactivates the iPad's screen, allowing you to unlock it and use your device.

9. Customer Reviews

A high customer rating is one of the best indications of a superior iPad case. Look for iPad cases with hundreds, if not thousands, of five-star ratings. Read the reviews to discover the disadvantages – the three and four-star ratings are the sweet spot.

10. Warranty

What is the company's returns policy? Is it problematic, or are no questions asked? Is it easy to get in touch if you have issues or concerns? What is their warranty, and what does it cover? Is this information readily available on their website or social media? These facts are clear and transparent on a reputable iPad manufacturer.

What Is So Special About an iPad Mini?


Size is one of the iPad Mini’s main selling points. It is the only iPad in Apple’s range that is highly portable and can easily be held in one hand. In fact, it can even slip into a pocket, depending on the size. The iPad Mini is also one of Apple’s oldest models – it was launched in November 2012. The sixth generation was  While Apple updates most of its iPad models annually but regularly leaves up to two years between each upgrade. The latest release was the sixth-generation iPad Mini in September 2021. The iPad Mini 6 measures 195.4mm by 134.8mm and 6.3mm. It is available in four colors: starlight, space grey, pink and purple.

A15 Bionic Chip

Don’t let its small size fool you. The iPad Mini packs a punch, despite its size. The iPad Mini sixth generation has the A15 bionic chip, which is also used in the iPhone 13. This smartphone chip provides the fastest CPU in a mobile phone, packing a powerful 6-core CPU. The A15 Bionic chip makes the iPhone 13 up to 1.8 times faster than previous models. It has a 16-core neural engine that can work out 15.8 trillion calculations per second, enabling faster computations for third-party applications. According to Apple, the “A15 Bionic works in conjunction with the latest-generation battery chemistry and tight integration with iOS 15 to enable better battery life”.

USB-C Port

The USB-C is considered to be the universal connector that can be found on the majority of devices. The USB-C binds them all, whether it is a laptop, tablet, hard drive, external device, or mobile phone. This makes life more convenient when it comes to hardware, such as charging cables. In fact, industry experts believe that the USB-C will become ubiquitous across all devices, including Apple. Apple is slowly introducing it in its products, but it is only available on iPads. The iPad Mini has a USB-C port connector instead of Apple's traditional lightning connector.

Apple Pencil

The second generation of Apple’s famous stylus pen is compatible with the iPad Mini 6th generation. Using an Apple Pencil makes your life so much easier. You can write, draw or doodle. Or you can edit documents and texts or highlight your favorite quotes. The Apple Pencil gives you complete control and pixel-like precision when using certain apps such as Photoshop or Procreate. It is also pressure sensitive and has tilt control, making it perfect for drawing, sketching, or any artistic creation. The iPad Mini has palm rejection technology, which removes the risk of smudging or messing up your writing when you rest your hand on the screen. Apple’s favorite stylus also has almost-zero latency, making it lightning-fast when using it. You can transform it into an eraser by double-tapping it on the screen. Charging the Apple Pencil is as simple as attaching it to the side of the iPad. It would help to get an iPad Mini case with a pencil holder for safe storage. The Zugu iPad Mini case is a great cover with a pencil holder.


The iPad Mini is excellent value for money – significantly since Apple doesn't upgrade the models frequently. The sixth generation iPad Mini starts at $499 for the Wi-Fi version and $649 for the Wi-Fi and Cellular model. You can choose between 64 or 256GB of memory. The iPad Mini's price point is worth it compared to other larger and pricier models. The iPad Pro 11 costs $799 for the Wi-Fi version and $999 for Wi-Fi and Cellular. Meanwhile, the basic model of the iPad Pro 12.9 costs $1099 for Wi-Fi and $1299 for Wi-Fi and Cellular. The long and short of it all is: it's worth getting the iPad Mini.  

Larger Screen

The sixth-generation iPad Mini has a slightly larger screen than its predecessor. The iPad Mini's fifth generation had a 7.9-inch screen, but the iPad Mini is 8.3 inches. How? Apple slightly reduced the bezels around the screen, gaining more real estate. Plus, the Touch ID button now forms part of the power button at the top of the iPad. The Touch ID button reads the saved fingerprints before unlocking the device. You only have to rest your finger on the button for a few seconds. The iPad Mini is also Apple's lightest table, weighing 293 grams or 0.65 pounds.

Whether you are looking for an iPad Mini waterproof case, one with a pencil holder, or just a cover to carry your device from place to place, you’ll find all you need in this guide.