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What are good car mounts for the latest iPad?

Using your new iPad Pro in the car—-  safely tucked into its iPad 12.9 case— sounds like a wonderful idea till you wonder where to put it. There’s no handy place to stash an iPad next to the drivers seat of most vehicles, especially if you want it open for maps, music, or anything else you might need while you’re on the go.

So what are good car mounts? Go to Amazon, and you’ll find a list of nifty-looking car mounts that are engineered to fit perfectly well into your car. But be aware when scrolling through car mounts that it isn’t one size fits all. Many tablet mounts are only good up to 12.4 inches, so if you've got the larger iPad Pro you may be out in the cold. 

A Gooseneck for Small iPads

The Apps2Car Gooseneck iPad holder is a nice option if you prefer an infinite number of possible positions for your iPad Air, 10.2 inch iPad, or iPhone. A suction cup allows you to mount it without hardware on windshield or dashboard, and a spring locking system keeps your tablet in place. Some users have suggested that adhesive is left at the place of the mount, on removal, so maybe don’t stick it right there in the middle of your windscreen where any residue will be problematic. 

This is a favorite among truckers and long-distance travelers, who love the flexibility that 13 inch aluminum gooseneck gives them. Users also love that the can switch between iPad or iPhone, or any other android cellphones they might want to slip in. This iPad car holder only takes tablets up to 12.4 inches, but for anything under that specification it works like a charm. 

A Car Cup Holder Gooseneck for Every iPad

Have a bigger iPad, or don’t like the idea of a suction cup that may leave adhesive over your windshield? An alternative gooseneck iPad holder is the Woleyi Car Cup Holder Tablet Mount. Don’t ask us how to pronounce the company name, but they make good iPad holders. 

The cup holder fits— as the name suggests— directly into your car cup holder, and is designed to work with cup holders in any size from 2.16-4.02 inches. That’s a good range, and covers pretty much all the possibilities out there. The 14 inch arm has a built in stabilizer, which is supposed to contract the jolts and jiggles of the road.  The tablet-holding head has 360 degree rotation, so you can point your iPad whatever direction you like.

 And maybe the best thing about this iPad holder is that it can fit an iPad Pro 12.9 4th generation, or any 12.9 tablet you may have. It’ll also fit your phone, so you’ve got ultimate flexibility here. Does your significant other in the passenger seat want to read their kindle? No problems; a readjustment will change both size and direction. 

iPad Car Holder for the Passenger

If it’s not you using the iPad, you can get an iPad car holder that fastens onto the back of the front seat for back seat passengers to enjoy. The Lamicall Car Tablet Holder is one such option, and it works for all tablets up to 12.9 inches as well as ebook readers and gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch. While you can’t change the actual position of the tablet with this holder, you can change the viewing angle—- there’s a 360 degree ball joint for maximum flexibility where the tablet frame connects to the base.

Reviewers report that this iPad holder is solid and well put together, easy to adjust and easy to get the iPad in and out. The headrest rod can be adapted to anything between 2.8 and 5.9 inches, so it works in most cars. When properly installed, it also shouldn’t interfere with front-seat comfort. 

Having a car mount in the car will definitely make your iPad that much more accessible when you’re out driving, and, as an extra bonus, your iPad should be safe from accidental drops and spills. Some iPad car mounts don’t play nicely with protective covers and that’s okay, as the iPad is pretty safe when mounted. It’s when you take it out of the mount that you’ll want to be sure you have a protective case ready. Your dashboard compartment (if you’re using the iPad up front) or a backseat pocket (if the iPad is being used in the back) is ideal for stashing the cover when the iPad car mount is in use. 

When looking for a protective case, choose one that has enough vents your iPad won’t overheat. Magnets are a great way to keep a screen flap closed, and if you’ve got a Uber-high quality case like the Zugu they can double as a iPad mount if you’ve got a magnetic surface to stick them on.

But remember, your iPad won’t be much fun to use if it’s not in one piece, so prioritize getting a case with good drop protection. The Zugu case is a great option here too, with military spec drop protection that can keep that baby safe.

Get your iPad case, get your car mount, and get road tripping!