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What Are The Best Pregnancy Apps On The iPad Air?

You’ve got new life inside you, and suddenly, all your priorities seem to change. Your iPad Air in its iPad Air 10.9 case used to be game central, or maybe a favorite Instagram-tool. Now, all of a sudden, you find yourself wanting nothing more than pregnancy apps. The good news: the app store is full of them, and most are fairly decent. There's sure to be at least one— and probably several— that fit your vibe and what you’re looking for as you look for something The bad news? It’s hard to sort through and find the better of the lot. No matter how into your bump you may be, no-one needs fifty-five pregnancy apps. Five? Well, maybe. Here are our favorite five, and why they made that list.


If we had to choose just one pregnancy app, it might be this one, if just for the imagery. Each week features beautiful 3D imagery you can manipulate and explore, viewing your little peanut from every angle. Of course, that’s not all. Helpful articles give you the information you’re so hungry for, and a baby size tracker tells you just how long and heavy your baby is likely to br this week— and whether he or she is more like an avocado or a pea. There’s also a place to track your weight and other pregnancy symptoms, and you’ll be able to view reports and export them to share with your medical professionals. 

We love the clean lines of this app. The app is free till fourteen weeks, and there are no ads: just lots of beautiful information, all tailored to your pregnancy journey. For later information, you will have to pay a one-time fee. 

What To Expect

You may have heard about the famous book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. This app, put out by the same good people, gives you all that same content in bite sized, app shaped form. Look up common symptoms week by week, or listen to a video overview of what you can expect during any given phase in your pregnancy.  There’s also a community with forums where you can ask questions, share knowledge, or just chat with other mothers on the same stage of their journeys as you are. If you’re into shopping, you can read reviews of all the latest baby products and even shop directly from the app. 

What to Expect is a free app, which means, in this case, it is ad supported. And there are a lot of ads. For most moms to be, though, the informative content and close knit community outweigh that negative, and this app is one they wholeheartedly recommend. 

Ovia Pregnancy

If you’ve used Ovia to track your menstrual cycles and ovulation, you’ll love that they’ve got a pregnancy app out as well. Ovia pregnancy gives you a place to track your pregnancy, from symptoms and mood swings to weight, activity, sleep, nutrition, medication and blood pressure. There’s also a kick counter so you can make sure your little on is staying as active as he should be, and a contraction timer so you can record your contractions when the big day comes (or even earlier, if you get in a practice session with Braxton Hicks.)

Users rave about the easy to access information, and love the way they can customize the knowledge base by adding in information about their due date and even their baby’s name. There’s something so much more personal about opening up an app and being greeted with the words “Emma is 16 weeks today” rather than the generic ‘baby’. 

Another nice feature of the Ovia app is a food safety and medication safety lookup. At a restaurant and wondering if it’s okay to pick an exciting new entree? Check the app. Got a headache and wonder what kind of painkiller is recommended for pregnant moms? Check the app for that too. 

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Pregnancy Tracker —-BabyCenter 

BabyCenter’s pregnancy tracker is another comprehensive app that provides daily pregnancy information, including 3D fetal development videos and articles that look at both how your baby is developing and how your own body is changing. The communities are friendly, especially when you join your own month club full of people who are expecting the same time you are.  There are also weekly polls so you can see how you compare to everyone else out there (not that it matters, but it’s fun!).

The app also include a baby name finder, complete with 16,000 options. There’s also a contraction timer and a place where you can take a weekly bump photo of your belly and see how it changes over time. All in all, this is one of the more comprehensive pregnancy apps and one that many new mothers swear by. The only problem? Again, it’s the ads, which can get more than a little annoying. Still, it’s free, and how else are they going to pay their developers?


You’ve got four pregnancy trackers now, ready for something a little bit different? Try Cinemama. This bump tracking app was created by the March for Dimes, and it helps you create a  personal journal of your pregnancy journey. The star feature of this app is the video you make, week by week, as you add in bump pictures. Alignment tools help you to stand just so, and each of your pictures will line up. Do it daily— or three times a week— and you’ll end up with an awe-inspiring time lapse movie of your pregnancy story up to the day your baby was born.

Which pregnancy app are you going to download? With a section of informational apps and an Apple 10.9 iPad Air case, you’ll be ready to win these next nine months! Okay, even without the 10.9 iPad Air case.  Congratulations on the pregnancy, and have fun!