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What Makes an iPad Air Special?

The iPad Air occupies a sweet spot in Apple’s lineup. The standard iPad is a great affordable option, and the iPad Pro, a little more expensive than anyone wants to pay, is still the best choice for someone who wants maximum power. But the Air offers pro-style quality at a much more affordable price, and an iPad Air with an iPad Air 10.9 case is a great choice for anyone that wants an upgrade from the standard iPad line but still doesn’t want to break the bank.

But what makes the iPad Air special? Let’s look at what’s the same across Apple’s iPad lineup, and what sets the iPad Air apart. It turns out there are many similarities between the 2022 Air and the 10th generation iPad, and other similarities between the Air and the higher-powered iPd Pro. But the Air is its own machine. Here are a few key differences you’ll want to keep in mind as you make your decision.

iPad Air Display

A 10.9 iPad Air in an Apple 10.9 inch iPad Air can has 2,360x1,640-pixel resolution, which turns out to be exactly the same as the 10th generation iPad (which incidentally, is also 10.9 inches). The iPad Air is smaller though with dimensions of 9.7 x 7.0 x 0.2 versus 9.8 x7.1x 0.3 for the 10th generation iPad.

Both iPads have a liquid retina, true tone display, and t he pixel density of both models is 264 ppi. Differences between the two models? The iPad Air 5th generation has a fully laminated display, and it’s also got wide color display (P3). Those two features are also seen on the Pro, but not on the standard iPad. 

The dimensions of the iPad Air turn out to be almost exactly the same as the fourth generation 11-inch iPad Pro, at least to a tenth of an inch. That model has slightly increased display resolution, and though it still has a True Tone Liquid Retina it also supports ProMotion. If you want to upgrade your display to XDR, you’ll have to go all the way to the iPad Pro 12.9 and pay a significant amount more.

iPad Air Inner Workings

If the iPad Air display leaves it almost indistinguishable from the cheaper 10th generation iPad, the inner workings make it look more akin to the more expensive iPad Pro. The 2022 iPad Air has an M1 processor; the same one that was in the last generation of the iPad Pro. The Pro has moved up to a M2 processor now, but honestly, we don’t know of anyone who pushed that M1 to its limits.

What about the 10th generation iPad? That one is powered by an A14 Bionic processor. The A14 has plenty of power for web browsing, basic productivity, and even your average game, but it’s not quite up to laptop speed. The iPad Air, though, has the same M1 processor that you’ll find in the MacBook Air— and in the 2020 MacBook Pro.

That means you should be able to do all the video editing, gaming, and fancy productivity you want— though it might be a split second slower than the new iPad Pro.

iPad Air Cost Comparison

So why buy an iPad Air? If a fancy display and smooth extras don’t speak to you but you want laptop like power, the Air is a great choice. You get a processor almost as good as the one you’ll find in the iPad Pro, and you’ll pay a fair bit less.

When it comes down to it, most people who choose the Air choose it for the price. It’s not anywhere near as cheap as the base model ninth generation iPad, which is on sale for $299 at the moment (list price: $329). If you’re buying your elementary-sized child a iPad, that one would probably be your choice.

  • It’s also not as cheap as 10th generation iPad, which recently debuted with a new design and a handy camera placement. The list price for the 64 GB model is $499, and the 256 GB model  $599.
  • The baseline 64 GB iPad Air is $599, and if you want 256 GB you’ll need to pay $749. The cellular-capable 64 GB will cost you $749, or the cell-capable 256 GB version it will be $899. 
  • That looks steeped compared to the standard iPads, but it’s cheap when you like at the Pro. There’s no 64 GB iPad Pro (for obvious reasons), but the cheapest model, the 128 GB, costs all of $1099.
  • For cellular you’ll have to pay $1299, and if you want a 256 GB version you’ll have to shell out $1199 or $1399. Compare that to the $749 or $899  you’d be paying for the same amount of memory in an Air, and Apple’s middle child suddenly looks like a very good buy.

In Summary

So what makes the iPad Air special? Put simply, it’s a powerful device in an unassuming package. While it won’t wow your classmates the way an iPad Pro 12.9 does, it will perform at a very similar level. Want to edit 4K videos? No problem. Feel the urge to play some intense high-graphic games? Go for it.

The iPad Air isn’t for everyone, but if you represent its target market— a sophisticated user who wants something better than the standard line but isn’t prepared to pay out big bucks for the Pro— it’s a great choice. The best choice, in fact. Don’t forget to buy a 10.9 iPad Air case to go along with your favorite new iPad, and you’ll be ready to conquer worlds on the go. There’s nothing you can’t do. Visit ZUGUCase Website Now and Get Your Ones.