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What to Look for When Shopping for an iPad 10.2 Case

You’ve finally decided you need an iPad 10.2 case: there are no two ways about it. Time to go shopping. But what case should you get? Can you just go down to the mall and buy a spiffy looking case, or is it better to shop online— Amazon, maybe? What should you keep in mind when buying a case for your 10.2, or red flags to avoid? 

Although there are some brick and mortar stores with a good selection of iPad 10.2 cases, you’re likely to be better off shopping online. When you shop online you get to do your research first, and check reviews from others who have bought cases before you. Rather than just buy a random case because it looks good, you’ll end up with a great case that both looks good and functions like a dream. It’ll protect your iPad from drops, dents and scratches as if that was its job— which, incidentally,  it is. 

What you need in an iPad 10.2 case

Before you begin shopping, make two lists for yourself. The first you can call “needs” and the second “wants”. On the first list, put on everything you need in an iPad case. A need list might look something like this.

  • Shock/drop protection— military spec, preferably
  • Lightweight —- I often carry my iPad with one hand
  • Not too big — needs to fit in my book bag
  • Bumper to protect sides — need to protect more than just the back
  • Durable— don’t want to be buying another till I buy a new iPad 
  • Easy access to ports and buttons—  iPad should be fully functional even with the case on

Your personal list might look a little different, but it’s likely to have the same major items. If you could have just one thing on your need list, it would probably be shock protection. Devices get dropped all the time, and one unlucky fall can easily leave you without a working iPad and with an enormous Apple repair bill. If you’re going to put a case on your device, put on one that has been tested to protect other iPads like yours over repeated four feet drops to a hard surface. It’s good to have peace of mind. 

Nice Extra Features to Look for in an iPad 10.2 Case

Once you’ve nailed down your musts, it’s time to think about what kind of extra features you’d really like your case to have. Do you have a color preference, or would you like an iPad 10.2 keyboard  case? Does an iPad 10.2 case with pencil holder sound a lot better than one without?

Think about how you like using your iPad. Is a stand important to you, and if so, how flexible do you want your stand? Some iPad case models come with two or three viewing angles. In others, you may find as many as ten. Would you like an automatic sleep/wake function built into your iPad 10.2 9th generation case? For this, you’ll need some built-in magnets that can tell your iPad when the case is open or closed. 

Here’s a sample “want” list from someone going shopping for an iPad 10.9 case:

  • Muted colors— like browns and greens
  • Sturdy stand — multiple viewing angles; I get frustrated when I can’t place it just the way I want it
  • Apple Pencil slot and charging — don’t have a pencil yet, but I might buy one someday
  • Automatic sleep/wake function — hate having to turn it on after opening it
  • Strong magnetic closure on front flap —don’t want to fuss with elastics or a loose flap

Your own list might look different, but it’s likely to have a few of the same items on it. After all, the things that make an iPad case really great are things we all appreciate. 

Final Recommendations for an iPad 10.2 Case

Got your list? It’s time to go shopping! Go online and browse through the listings from highly rated cases on Amazon. You’ll find some good cases, cases with reviews like this one:

“Everything about this case oozes quality. From the packaging, to the literature and quality of the materials and intuitive magnet based design. Other reviewers got it right. No need to research further if you need a case that protects and has a space for a stylus/apple pen, this is it.”

That happens to be a review of the Zugucase, a five star iPad 10.2 case which happens to tick all our boxes. It’s got military spec shock protection, and a bumper to protect the sides. It’s not bulky and the construction is lightweight. There’s easy access to all ports and buttons, and it comes in six colors, include pine and executive brown. The sturdy stand offers multiple viewing angles, and strong magnets mean the front flap will stay exactly where it is meant to be, always. The magnets are actually strong enough they’ll let you stick your iPad up on the fridge. And yes, it does have that Apple Pencil slot and charging, and an automatic sleep wake function.

There’s no reason to settle for something halfway okay when there are quality cases available. Whether you end up with the Zugu or with another case that is a great match for your personal wish list, choose one that has five star reviews and a track record of iPad users who have tried the case and loved it.