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What to Look Out for in an iPad Mini 6 Case

Whether you believe size matters, the iPad Mini is a unique crowd-pleaser. Compact and portable, Apple even claims you can slip it into your back pocket; the iPad Mini 6 is powerful. It is perfect for watching a movie, keeping your kids company, preparing your next presentation, or reading the latest self-help book. However, don't let its size fool you – you still need an iPad Mini 6 case for your favorite device. We've compiled the top features to look out for before buying one.

Top features of iPad Mini 6 Case


Getting an iPad Mini 6 generation case with a kickstand is one of the main reasons why you should buy a cover. Your iPad instantly transforms into a device that can hold in various positions. How else can you write an email, edit, or even watch a movie in bed? The iPad will slip and slide everywhere without a kickstand case. The Zugu iPad Mini 6 Magnetic case has eight adjustable kickstand angles that you can use. Whether you want to watch a video, paint, write an email, or play your favorite game, you can set it up for the task.


A high-quality case has various purposes, but protection ranks the highest. And so it should, because you don’t need to worry about whether your iPad Mini 6 will break or get damaged in a fall. The best cases when it comes to safety are made from TPU plastic, which is exceptionally durable. We love the Zugu iPad Mini 6 generation case that also has bumper edges for additional protection and is scratch and shock resistant. Your device also gets drop protection against a five-foot drop of concrete.

Magnetic Case

A magnetic case offers many advantages. The first is that it activates the iPad’s sleep/wake feature. Although it might not seem important, the sleep/wake feature saves battery life and is an important safety feature. If the iPad doesn’t sleep (and locks) when you close the cover, then someone can access your data and personal details. Aside from this, the sleep/wake feature prevents unnecessary battery draining, overheating, and potential long-term damage.

Water and Scratch Resistant

A scratch-resistant iPad cover protects your device from sharp and heavy objects. It will also avoid looking scuffed and worn as time goes by. Ensure the case is water resistant, safeguarding your device against any liquid spills or splashes. It's also good to pop the iPad out of the case and quickly wipe it in the corners, cameras, and crevices to remove any liquid. And if it does happen, wipe the iPad Mini 6 case down with a clean microfiber cloth, and it will return to brand new.

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Accessibility is something to look out for before you buy an iPad Mini 6 case. Check that the ports, cutouts, cameras, and buttons are fully accessible and easy to use. The charging cable must fit comfortably, and the rear and front cameras must be unobstructed.

Military Grade Protection

An iPad case with military-grade protection allows you to take your device into any environment safely. Covers offering military-grade protection have been tested according to a set of military standards by the U. S. Department of Defence. These 29 standard tests range from vibration, humidity, extreme temperatures, shock, sand, and shock exposure. If you see the label MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC, you will know whether the case meets military-grade standards. A military-grade case will have the code MIL-STD-810G.

Top iPad Mini 6 Accessories

Apple Pencil

Take advantage of the great experience you will get using an Apple Pencil with the iPad. It is one of the top stylus pens on the market, with imperceptible lag and pixel-like precision. The Apple Pencil also has pressure sensitivity and tilt control, making it perfect for drawing, sketching, or artistic creation. Charging the Apple Pencil is as simple as attaching it to the side of the iPad. Pop it into the storage pocket at the back of the Zugu iPad Mini case for safekeeping once you’re done.


Headphones are necessary, primarily if you use your iPad to watch movies, use social media, or take calls. The last thing you want is to broadcast to those around you what you are watching or who you are speaking to. Aside from privacy issues, it is also a matter of etiquette to not disturb others. You can choose between traditional-style cuffs, plug-in headphones, or earbuds. They also come in all shapes and sizes for all budgets.

Make the most out of your device with the best iPad Mini 6 case on the market that gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want. Keep an eye out for these features before you buy one, and you're good to go.