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What's the best way to legally get free iTunes gift cards?

If you want free iTunes gift cards, you’re not the only one! iTunes gift cards can be translated into new music, fun apps, or great subscriptions, and we all love free stuff. That said, there’s some truth in the old saying ‘no free lunch’. Most ads for free iTunes gift cards online will turn out to be scams, pure and simple. Typically, they are attempts from unsavory characters to get at your personal information for future identity thefts.  Even the best iPad Pro 12.9 case can’t protect you against scammers.

The best way to get an iTune gift card is to buy it with cash, and the second best way is to receive one as a gift from someone you love. That’s great as far as it goes, but we don’t all have grandparents eager to present us with gift cards on birthdays, Christmas, or random Sundays in November. So if you’ve got no cash in hand but are desperate for an iTune gift card or two, are you simply out of luck?

Not so fast. You can get free iTunes online, legally, you just have to earn them. You can do this through a variety of means, from survey-taking to sharing the receipts from your grocery shopping. None of these ways qualify as quick get-rich schemes: it takes time to rack up the points you need, in each individual system, in order to get a free gift card. You might do better getting a job at the nearest Walmart, and buying iTunes gift cards with your hourly earnings. But if you’re stuck at home, with nothing but your iPad (in its iPad Pro 12.9 4th generation case) and a nice quick internet connection, here are the internet’s favorite methods to earn yourself a gift card (and some free music or that cool new app).

1. Online Surveys 

Online surveys are the method of choice for many iTune gift card fans. Before you start, though, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into:  illegitimate survey websites abound, set up to glean as much information as possible from you while offering zero payout. 

One decent option is Survey Junkie, which has a  8.9 rating out of ten in Trust Pilot.  That’s pretty good for this type of service. To start earning free iTunes gift cards you’ll need to sign up for an account on their website, and then you can start taking surveys in your free time— while watching TV, while waiting in a traffic jam, or while lounging on your own couch.  Each survey will net you a certain amount of points, and you’ll be able to convert your points into PayPal cash or iTunes gift cards when you’ve got enough of them ($5 minimum).

Before you start a survey you’ll be able to see exactly how many points you can earn on completion. Most surveys will be wroth between 80 and 150 points, but some may give you no more than 50, and every now and again you’ll find a survey that offers as much as 300 points. Each point equals a penny when it’s time for cash out. So to earn enough points for, say, a $20 iTunes gift card, you can expect to do 10-40 surveys. 

Is it worth it? Sure, if you’ve got the free time and nothing better to do with it. Survey Junkie isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and the surveys available aren’t unlimited— especially when you’re starting out, you may only be eligible to earn about $10 a week. There are tricks to make more surveys accessible; for instance, downloading the Survey Junkie app. Still, for surveys at the lower end of the pay scale you’ll likely be making only a few dollars an hour. Flipping burgers at MacDonalds would get you more. 

2. Online Purchases

If you aren’t much into telling all the secrets of your life via a survey, you can earn iTunes cash by making your online purchases through a cash back app like Rakuten. This  only equates to free money if you were going to be buying things anyway, but if you are, you get paid just for going through their app. 

The amount of points you get for shopping at an online retailer is set by the retailer themselves, and varies widely. The lower threshold for turning your points into something else is $5, so they won’t make you tally up a ridiculous amount of points before they give you what you’re looking for.. 

Rakuten doesn’t actually give you iTunes gift cards, but— every three months—  they’ll give you PayPal cash you can turn into iTunes cards. If you want a similar shopping app that gives you the card directly, have a look at Drop App.

3. Grocery Receipts

An alternate way of earning free iTunes gift cards is with your grocery store receipts. Download the ibotta app, then start saving the receipts from your grocery shopping, mall splurge, or other in-person shopping adventures.  

To get iTunes cash, you’ll need to take pictures of your receipts and upload them to the app— or use the in-app receipt scanner. You’ll start accumulating points right away, and once you’ve got enough you can exchange them for an iTunes gift card or PayPal cash.

If you want to make sure you maximize your cash back, here’s a hint: browse through the deals on the app first, and find out which brands and which products have the best coupons and cashbook opportunities. Users say they tend to net $5-$10 dollars a week, so you can end up with a significant number of iTunes gift cards over time. 

You can also link a loyalty card to your ibotta account, or use the cashback service for online purchases.  

Have you tried these three methods of earning iTunes gift cards? Which did you like better, and why? Would you recommend them to a friend, or would you be more likely to suggest getting a ‘real job’ and earning iTunes cash that way?  We’d love to hear your thoughts. Stay safe out there, and keep your iPad safe in its iPad 12.9 pro case!