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When to Replace the Nib (or Tip) of your Apple Pencil

In our continuing series, we’ve been taking a hard look at one of the best iPad accessories, the Apple pencil. Versatile and easy to use, the Apple pencil is one of the most affordable iPad accessories, and one of Zugu Case’s favorites. It allows you to draw easily on your iPad, navigate, write, and illustrate till your heart’s content. It functions just like a regular pencil, only for iPads.

Zugu Case makes the best iPad cases that incorporate the Apple pencil in all of our models, either in the case itself or with an Apple pencil holder. In this blog post, we’ll review how to replace the nib or tip of your Apple pencil. Once you’re through with that, you can head on over to Zugu Case’s website, browse our iPad cases, and order now!

Like all pencils, the tip of your Apple pencil for your iPad can wear out. But how do you know when that is? Basically, the tip of your Apple pencil is just plastic. However, it’s a different kind of plastic than the rest of your Apple pencil for your iPad, and although it’s made of a hard plastic, it can wear, chip, or break as well. In fact, the whole act of placing the tip on your iPad pencil on your iPad screen will slowly wear down your pencil tip. However, depending on how often you actually use your Apple pencil, your tip could last a really long time. You probably won’t notice too much of a difference on your iPad — it’ll still work the same — but the tip just gets a little rougher than normal. Check out the three main signs it’s time to replace the tip of your Apple pencil on your iPad.

  1. Feel. This one is probably the most noticeable when the tip of your Apple pencil is beginning to wear. Your Apple pencil for your iPad will start to feel rougher as you draw, but this roughness won’t damage your iPad’s screen unless there is finish damage. However, you may have to alter the way your draw or change your hand angle, which can be distressful. The flip side to this is that some people like it when the tip to their pencil is a bit worn down as they like how it feels to draw that way on the iPad screen.
  2. Finish. When you rub your finger over the tip of your Apple pencil, you can feel when it’s really worn down or not. It will feel rough or even like sandpaper if it’s been worn down a lot. If in doubt, replace the nib to your Apple pencil for your iPad. You could cause damage to the iPad screen if it’s word down too much where the finish is missing.
  3. Functionality. Wearing down your Apple pencil to the point it won’t do its job, while not impossible (nothing’s impossible), would be extremely hard to do. It is possible to drop your Apple pencil for your iPad and it hit the floor at just the right angle that the nib was flattened, but this is rare. If your Apple pencil is connected to your iPad but not functioning, odds are, it’s the nib.

When you purchased your Apple pencil, you got one free nib. If you need more, you can order these from the Apple store online, or pick one up at an Apple store near you.

Steps to Replace the Nib Itself On Your Apple Pencil

  • Simply unscrew the nib on your Apple pencil in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Screw the new nib on your Apple pencil until it’s on securely.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Thanks to the forethought of Apple to think of replaceable tips, your Apple pencil as an iPad accessory should never wear out, and you shouldn’t ever need a new one (unless you wanted a newer model that comes out, in which case, you can recycle your used Apple pencil for your iPad by giving it to your children).

How Zugu Case Can Help?

Zugu Case understands that your iPad is a big investment, and you want to take care of it. You’ve bought Apple iPad accessories, such as the Apple pencil or keyboard, and you want to make sure your iPad is kept safe. Hence, Zugu Case was born out of the need to keep your iPad safe from falls, spills, and thrills. We’ve designed the best iPad protective cases on the market to protect your iPad. Featuring robust bumper drop protection as well as a harder shell, your iPad case also features a soft microfiber interior to protect your iPad from internal damage, such as scrapes.

Zugu Case makes protective iPad cases for the iPad Pro 11 2018  and the iPad Pro 12.9 2018  that incorporate the wireless Apple pencil in the design, so you can charge your Apple pencil while still in the case. We also have created Zugu Cases for the iPad Air 3 2019  and the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 Case Prodigy X. 

Zugu Case believes we’ve thought of everything when it comes to iPad protective covers. We have included an adjustable stand with eight different angles and allowed access to all your ports and buttons. We are so sure of the high-quality of our iPad cases that we’ve included a one-year warranty on all of our iPad cases as well as a 30-day, risk-free trial period,where if you don’t like it, you can return it. Engineered for style and grace, Zugu Case is the best iPad protective case.

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