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5 Productivity Apps for Your iPad — Pt. 2

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 24th May 2018

In our last blog, we looked at five iPad apps that are great for boosting productivity. If you haven’t read through this blog, we encourage you to check it out, because in today’s blog, we at ZUGU CASE are going to pick up right where we left off. Below are five more productivity apps for your iPad.

Focus Booster

Looking for an app that will keep you on course when your productivity wavers? Focus Booster is a great personal productivity app that is based on the Pomodoro technique — a technique that strives to balance work and breaks for optimal productivity. The app features an un-pausable timer to keep you focused and resistant to distractions, and the app also creates timesheets of your sessions to help create a big-picture understanding of your work habits. Learn more about the app here.

Calendar 5

No productivity app list would be complete without a calendar app. Calendar 5 is the perfect app for professionals who have busy schedules. This app features multiple viewing options, online and offline features, task manager, and tasks easily sync with Google Tasks and iOS reminders. Download Calendar 5 here.

Duet Display

Have you ever been working on your laptop and felt limited on screen space? Duet Display may be the app for you. Duet Display allows you to turn your iPad into a second — or even third — monitor. Unlike a second monitor, Duet Display does not require a power source. All it needs is a Lightning or 30-pin cable, making it especially useful for business travelers. Get Duet Display here!

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office rules the workplace, and given their reputation, it may come as no surprise that their iPad app is fantastic. This suite includes all of your favorites — Word, Excel, and Powerpoint — all of which have been optimized for the iPad and for touch operation. Even components like images, SmartArt, charts, and equations are included and nicely formatted. If you are looking for a cheaper approach, give Google Docs and Google Sheets a try. Although it doesn’t have as many advanced features as Microsoft Office for iOS, it is free. Download Microsoft Office here. Download Google Docs and Google Sheets here.


If you hear the words “app” and “work email”, you probably instantly think of Outlook. There is a reason for this — it’s a powerful app. Originally Acompli, Outlook for the iPad has been rebranded and improved by Microsoft, offering incredible functionality, integration, viewing options, scheduling capabilities, and more. With this app, you can carry out all email-related task from your iPad. You can view and attach files, scheduled emails, adjust notification, and much, much more. Get Outlook for iPad here for free.

Protect Your iPad

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