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iPad Mini Tablet On the Way?

Posted by Tim Angel on 9th Apr 2018

iPad MiniWith the popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the more recent Google Nexus, its becoming ever more likely that Apple will seek tap into that market with their own smaller sized tablet.

Numerous online sources point to a special Apple launch event on Wednesday, September 12th as the unveiling of the iPad mini, new iPhone, and possibly a new iPod Nano. C|Net released an article in which an analyst said that the smaller display was slated for production beginning in August. They could be already in production, folks!

The smaller tablet, dubbed by some as an iPad Mini while referred to by others as an iPad Nano, would likely have a 7.85″ screen size. Rumors indicate that the iPad mini may sell for between $200-299! Great news for the budget conscious, but how will they keep the cost so low? One thought is that the mini will come with just 8GB of internal storage.

Its likely that all of the new devices will have the smaller dock connector or “micro dock” to make more room for bigger batteries and other components.

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