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The iPad Buying Guide

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 3rd Jan 2019

There are now many choices to choose from when searching for an iPad, which was just added to the release of the 2018 iPad Pro models. So which one is for you? Zugu Case, the leading manufacturer of iPad Pro protective cover cases, will go over the different options available with the iPad to help you narrow down which one is for you.


  • 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 inch — One of the two 2018 models, this iPad Pro offers the biggest screen of all iPad tablet models. Along with the second 2018 model, this iPad boasts the smallest and thinnest chassis. This model has the same processor as the other 2018 model (the A12X Fusion) as well as an excellent 12Mp rear-facing camera with flash. However, the practicality of using this iPad model as a camera is diminished due to its big screen size. It’s a bit awkward to handle as such. The 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 in also has four speakers for superb listening quality as well as the new Facial ID technology like the new iPhones. The cons of this iPad is that it is big to handle and very expensive. This iPad Pro is perfect, however, for those who like a big screen such as gamers and creative artists. Hands down, this is the best iPad on the market and the best iPad to date.
  • 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch — One of the two 2018 models, this iPad Pro model is essentially the same as its other 2018 model, just with a smaller screen. The home buttons have been removed, allowing for a smaller bezel (essentially the frame of the iPad or any electrical device). Face ID has been included, both in landscape as well as portrait mode with an insanely powerful processor. This iPad has the same slim and light design as the other 2018 model and can support hundreds of apps. Creative types who don't need the absolute largest screen. This iPad is great for watching movies and TV shows with a more than capable quad-speaker system. The 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch will be perfect for those who use their iPad instead of their laptop, artists, and gamers. This model is very expensive and the iPad 10.5in or even 9.7 in are more affordable and almost as good.
  • iPad Pro 10.5in (2017) — Apple did not cut the price of this iPad Pro model; instead, it just raised the prices of the new models. Still, in comparison, this iPad Pro seems more affordable than the 3rd generation models. If you’re a photographer, this iPad Pro model is better than the 9.7 in. The camera is better as well as the photographic options. When it’s cloudy, this camera has great detail and the rear-facing flash lets you shoot in low light. The selfies are better as well as the video quality. This iPad is slim (slimmer than the iPad 9.7 in) and not bulky to carry. A quick processor will run games, videos, and stream TV shows adequately — just not as fast as the 2018 models. Being a Pro model, this iPad Pro is compatible with the Smart Keyboard, an option for those who type for extended periods of time, and an Apple Pencil can be used with this model. Still expensive, and now with the new 2018 models, this iPad Pro looks exceedingly outdated. The iPad Pro 10.5 in is still a great tool for gamers and photographers, and anyone who wants to be able to run the most demanding apps now and in the future. Those who flat-out refuse to pay the price for a 2018 Pro model will find this model more than adequate for any business and creative need.
  • iPad 9.7in (2018) — This iPad is not a Pro model. However, this is the best iPad choice for most users needs and for most users budgets. It has a worthy screen size for gamers and movies and is still slim in design and very portable. For the average person, this iPad would be the choice for light use, even though it still boasts a powerful processor. An Apple Pencil can be added to this device and is still a great option for photographers. All the apps will run fine on this iPad. However, you cannot use the Smart Keyboard with this iPad and the screen is unlaminated. Overall, a great choice.
  • iPad mini 4 — The iPad mini 4 has an A8 processor chip with an M8 motion co-processor, 2GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a Retina screen, and an 8Mp rear camera, making this iPad portable and decently powerful. It has a touch ID fingerprint scanner. There are two model options: one with the Wi-Fi option or the cellular version. Be aware there is a substantial price difference between the two. Buying this model right now is not recommended as rumors have it Apple will release an iPad mini 5 in 2019.Beyond colour, the only thing to decide is whether you want to grab the Wi-Fi only model or the cellular version so you can get on a 3G or 4G network. There is a steep price difference between Wi-Fi and cellular - about £130/$130 - which might seem like a lot, but if you expect to travel with your mini 4 (surely one of the main benefits of the smaller model), then 4G support might be worth the extra cost.


  • PRICE. This is a deciding factor for most of us. The 2018 iPad Pros are crazy expensive. However, there is a wide range in cost that should suit most buyers for their needs.
  • SIZE. This comes down to mostly a decision in screen size since the weight of most iPad Pros are very similar. How big of a screen do you need? That depends on how you will use your iPad. Are you going to watch movies and play games on it? Then you probably want the bigger screen size for the better experience. Can you do with less screen? The mini is about the size of a paperback novel, the mid-size iPads the size of a hardcover book, and the newest models are more magazine-sized.
  • AGE. The older iPads (the oldest being the mini iPad that came out in 2015) will look older compared to the new, sleek designs of the 3rd generation. Most will run all apps well except perhaps the mini iPad. Some newer video-editing apps and graphic-laden video games may start giving this iPad trouble sooner rather than later.
  • SPEED. The newer the model, the faster the processor. This is largely a question of patience. Can you wait for load times or not?
  • BATTERY LIFE. Apple claims all iPad models last 10 hours. However, the bigger the iPad, the bigger the battery, the more life it holds.

No matter which iPad model you decide is right for you, Zugu Case makes an iPad protective case for it except for the mini. Whether you choose the new 2018 iPad Pro models or the older iPad Pro 10.5, Zugu Case guarantees the same high-quality, top-notch construction that makes us the best in the iPad protective case market. Featuring rugged and robust bumpers for the accidental drop, magnetic covers and flaps, adjustable stands, and a super-soft microfiber interior, your iPad will be exactly the same when you remove it from our protective cover as when you placed it there.

Zugu Case offers a free 1-year warranty on all of our iPad protective cases as well as a place for the Apple Pencil. We engineer our cases for a lifetime of beauty and protection. As the prices of the Apple iPads only continue to rise, you’ll want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Visit Zugu Case today to protect your iPad now!