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What’s The Best Stylus For Your iPad?

Posted by ZUGU CASE on 26th Oct 2018

So you have finally decided to take your iPad experience to the next level and start using a stylus? Good decision! Whether you are using your stylus for note taking, drawing, or to simply wield more precise with your selections, there are a number of great iPad styluses out there. But with so many to choose from, which one do you go with? In today’s blog post, we are going to help you answer this question. Read on to learn about a few of the best styluses for your Apple iPad.

Apple Pencil

Ultra-precise, powered by Bluetooth, and equipped with a built-in palm rejection, the Apple Pencil is one of the best styluses available. It delivers a natural writing experience, and the stylus has virtually no offset at all, allowing the digital ink to seamlessly flow onto the screen. Unlike prior years, where the Apple Pencil only worked with iPad Pro models, now it has been made to support other cheaper models. Learn more about the Apple Pencil.

Adonit Pixel

This Bluetooth-powered smart stylus by Adonit is one of the best in the game. It works with almost all iOS devices and features a 1.9mm pixel point technology tip. If you have trouble writing with a stylus, or just writing in general, you’ll love the “Line Smoothing” option that will help improve your typeface. Similarly, it also has two built-in shortcut buttons that will allow you to undo and redo the last stroke you made. And in addition to all of this, it also feels great between the fingers. Learn more about the Adonit Pixel stylus.

Pencil By 53

The Pencil by 53 is a great iPad stylus that is perfect for those who like to design and draw using their iPad. One especially unique feature is its ability to use the skewed side of the stylus to draw thicker lines. Another great add-on is the eraser tip on the end of the stylus that allows you to erase your mistakes without having to select this option in the toolbar. Additionally, unlike some styluses that must be charged to work, the Pencil can work when not charged because it imitates your finger input. Learn more about the Pencil by 53 stylus.

Pogo Connect 2

Featuring a soft, round rubber tip, The Pogo Connect is another Bluetooth-power smart stylus. Although the tip is slightly larger than some, it offers a surprisingly precise writing and drawing experience. It includes a customizable shortcut button on the side that can be configured to your liking. This smart stylus works well with palm rejection, and it is sensitive to pressure — it’s able to recognize hundreds of degrees of pressure. One quality that sets this stylus apart from others is that it is powered by a single AAA battery. This makes it perfect for those who prefer not to carry around yet another charging cable. And if you find yourself with a dead stylus and no batteries, it will still work because of its soft rubber tip. Learn more about the Pogo Connect stylus.

Bamboo Fineline

The Bamboo Fineline is a highly precise smart stylus powered by Bluetooth technology. Like the Adonit Pixel, it also features a 1.9mm tip, allowing for absolute precision when writing or drawing using your iPad. In addition to having a shortcut button that can be configured to your liking, it also allows for you to adjust the pressure sensitivity. To keep the tip clean, it comes with a cap that also has a clip on it, allowing you to always keep track of it. Learn more about the Bamboo Fineline stylus.

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