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iPad Accessories: An Intimate Look at the iPad Pencil

Perhaps the best iPad accessory is the iPad pencil. Practically since the beginning of time, humans have needed to write. A small hand-held device is perfect for writing, drawing, scribbling, and composing. First unveiled alongside the first generation iPad Pro in 2015, the iPad pencil is a wireless device that communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. Zugu Case, a company that makes the best iPad covers to protect your iPad from the hazards of this world (think attacking Yetis and monstrous krakens), will discuss one of the favorite iPad accessories (besides our iPad protective case) for your iPad and some common uses. Contact us today!

What Is The Ipad Pencil?

The iPad pencil is designed as a touch-screen device in order to write directly on your iPad. The iPad pencil is pressure sensitive and encoded to detect the angle you are writing from for the utmost in smooth inking on the screen. A fun fact is that the iPad can detect whether you are using your finger, the iPad pencil, or the palm of your hand, which allows you to draw without affecting your drawing. The iPad will automatically reject any input from your palm, taking this as an accidental touch or movement instead. The iPad pencil has a removable cap, which protects the charger.

What Is The Ipad Pencil Used For?

The iPad pencil was designed to be used for all functions a regular pencil would be used for. However, the iPad pencil has best been used for creative work, such as drawing or for use with apps and programs such as Photoshop. Some common uses of the iPad pencil include:

  • Note-taking. Many of us still like to take notes by hand and having them already on your computer, ready to print is priceless. Many apps available in the Apple Store have color features and cool designs to use with your notes.
  • Mark up email, screenshots, and any document. Sometimes you just need to draw an arrow for clarity. The new Apple iPad pencil lets you mark up your email, draw in apps, and draw on screenshots.
  • Painting. If you’re an artist or make your living by drawing sketches such as in civil engineering, then the Apple iPad pencil will make your life a lot easier. You can retouch photos and draw instantly the setting sun in a matter of seconds before the colors fade away into dusk.
  • Apple apps. Apple and others have designed apps to be used with the iPad pencil. These apps offer more features and options than just your iPad. So whether you’re a graphic artist, a landscaper, or a free-hand artist, there’s an app for you that will allow the iPad pencil to work magic.
  • Navigation. You can use your Apple iPad pencil for navigation. If you have an app, you can use both your fingers and your Apple iPad pencil simultaneously (Astropad Studio is a great example of this). 

The New Ipad Pencil

Now known as the second-generation model, the new iPad pencil was introduced as a companion to the Apple’s new iPad Pro third-generation models that were released in late 2018. Overall, the iPad pencil remains the same; however, two important changes were implemented.

  1. One side was flattened in order to prevent the pencil from rolling
  2. The pencil is now charged magnetically on the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 models, using the magnetic "Smart Connector" on the side of the tablet. The previous charger has been removed completely.

The new iPad pencil was also designed to be more comfortable and more natural to use with no moving party to inhibit use either. It pairs automatically with your iPad Pro, and you can charge both your iPad Pro and your iPad pencil at the same time as long as the iPad Pro is connected to a charger. You can change modes on your iPad pencil with a double tap right where your finger rests. This allows you to easily switch between the tools you use the most. One final cool feature: you can even have your iPad pencil engraved with your name.

Technology has improved to the point that you can draw with your iPad Pro pencil down to a single pixel, and there’s no lag time between what you see and what you draw. Working just like a regular pencil, you’ll press harder for darker, thicker lines, and lighter for thin, delicate, more intricate work. Tilt the iPad pencil to shade.

Unlike your best friend in grade school, the #2 pencil, your Apple iPad pencil does not have an eraser, which may take some getting used to. However, if you add an App, such as the Astropad Studio app that is made with the Apple iPad pencil in mind, you can institute an eraser by utilizing the double-tap feature. You can also assign a different function to the double-tap through the use of apps, but the eraser feature is the most common.

Third-Party Styluses

Unlike the amazing capabilities of the Zugu Case that protects your iPad from falls, spills, and thrill rides, third-part styluses have largely been unsuccessful in being compatible with the Apple iPad pencil.

Where Zugu Case Fits In

Zugu Case offers the best iPad accessory, a protective iPad cover. Our iPad covers are the best on the market for a variety of reasons. Our new Zugu Case Muse Case fits the new iPad Pro 2018 models, including incorporating the wireless pencil’s charging capability. Hence, you can still have your Apple iPad pencil charge wirelessly and store it in our Apple iPad protective case. Our cases increase the versatility of the Apple iPad Pro by incorporating an adjustable magnetic stand with eight angles, making your viewing experience perfect for you. Our soft microfiber interior on the iPad cover will keep your iPad protected and safe from scratches and robust bumpers will keep your iPad safe from falls.

Zugu Case believes in offering the best quality product. After all, you spent your hard-earned money on your iPad, and you want it to last. Our job is to protect your iPad worry-free on your part.

Zugu Case For Ipad Pencil

Zugu Case believes in the iPad accessory of the Apple pencil. iPad accessories expand the capabilities of your iPad, ultimately making your life and your job easier, which is what we all want. Because at the end of the day, we’d rather spend more time at home with our family than we would replacing our broken iPad when it accidentally falls out of the car when you open the door. 

Besides the Muse Case for iPad Pro 11 and for the iPad Pro 12.9, Zugu Case offers an Apple Pencil Holder that you can stick on your other Prodigy protective iPad cover cases in order to store your stylus. You can stick this anywhere you frequently use your iPad pencil, not just to your iPad cover.

Because we all know how easy it is to misplace a pencil (and the iPad pencil is one you definitely don’t want to misplace), Zugu Case has spent countless hours making our new Muse Cases for the iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 so you won’t lose your Apple iPad pencil and so you can protect your iPad pencil. By using our Elastic Apple iPad Stylus Adhesive Pouch, you can have you Apple iPad pencil or other stylus close at hand. 

Zugu Case’s mission is to make storing and using your iPad easy, quick, and convenient. By utilizing our iPad covers and protective cases, you can rest assured your iPad will survive the roughest treatment, even by your toddler. We believe in producing the highest-quality iPad cases that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Visit our website today for all your Apple iPad cover needs and for all your Apple pencil holders!