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5 Must-Have Reading Apps For iPad

For book-lovers, the excitement of finishing a romantic novel or starting a new SciFi series is second to none. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed reading enthusiast, getting lost in a book is an amazing way to pass the time. 

Although there’s nothing quite like physically turning the pages of a good book, technology like the iPad has made reading more accessible in many ways. Going on a road trip and don’t have the space to carry 10 of your most loved paperbacks? By downloading books on your iPad, you can take an entire library with you wherever you go!

But, to get the best reading experience, you’ll have to find the right tools. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five reading apps for iPad that you’ll love, no matter your favorite genre or reading material.

Apple Books

Apple Books

Let’s start with the one that many people don’t even know exists! Your iPad comes pre-loaded with an e-reading tool that’s easy to navigate and super convenient to use. If you don’t want the hassle of downloading a new tool, Apple Books (formerly iBooks) is automatically installed on every new iPad and is ready to use right from the beginning.

Since this app comes directly from Apple, it’s the only one that has in-app navigation to the Apple Book Store. That means you can search the store and purchase a new book without ever leaving the Apple Books app. You can also highlight text, make adjustments to the background color, and even leave comments as you read. 



Scribd is a monthly subscription service that is perfect for readers that like having access to an unlimited e-library. Much like Hulu or Netflix, once you’re a Scribd user, you can search through a broad range of titles - including magazines, audiobooks, and newspapers. 

The interface is very intuitive, so searching through the app’s library is hassle-free. Like most other reading apps for iPad, you can use Scribd to customize your theme or book layout, and bookmark and highlight your text. 

This app is highly reviewed and well-known among readers. Although you’ll have to pay each month, you can access virtually any type of reading material you want, as often as you like. If an unlimited book library sounds appealing to you, then Scribd is a great choice.

Over Drive

Over Drive

OverDrive is a free app that operates a bit like a physical library, but completely through your device. Don’t want to spend money on every ebook you read? You can use OverDrive to virtually borrow reading material from libraries across the country, just like you would in a normal library.

Using this app, you’ll have access to over 26,000 libraries, both academic and public. Purchasing books can be costly, especially if you read through titles quickly. If you’re not interested in building your personal library, OverDrive lets you download the e-books, streaming videos, and audiobooks you want - without the fees. 

OverDrive lets you search for libraries by both city and state, so finding eligible libraries is easy. This also means that you can borrow titles from your local library or choose to explore a library that’s thousands of miles away. 

Kobo Books

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is one of the most well-known apps for reading and has been around in some form since 2010. Although the company has now rebranded, it has maintained the same features that kept users hooked over the years. 

For example, Kobo Books has its own library. Instead of searching for titles online and uploading them to the app, you can find titles through the app itself. Its library is extensive and you can quickly and easily find the titles that you’re looking for.

Kobo Books also has a recommendation feature that users love. Through this feature, the app suggests new books to you based on your likes and reading history. This feature is a great way to explore new genres, authors, and subject matters. Not sure what to read next? Kobo Books will connect you with amazing books that you otherwise may never have heard of or found.  


outdoor kindle reader

Amazon’s Kindle app is another popular option for those looking for practical reading apps for iPads and iPhones. This app is free and has direct access to Amazon’s vast library of books. Since most e-books can be found on Amazon, it’s usually not difficult to find your desired titles using Kindle. And, for those books not on Amazon, you can still upload them to your Kindle app for easy reading. 

If you have the app downloaded to multiple devices, the sync feature lets you connect these devices. That means you can read a few pages on your iPhone during the day and finish off on your iPad at night from right where you left off. Kindle also has a handy recommendation feature that uses your previous reading history and a rating system to help you find new titles and authors. 

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The best reading app for you

Ultimately, the app that you select should be the one that offers you all the functionalities you’re looking for in one accessible location. Using your iPad for reading gives you the freedom to get lost in your beloved fantasies, wherever you may be. 

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