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Solving Problems with your iPad: Your Apple Pencil is Not Working

Technology is great until it stops working. Then, suddenly, we become irate, irrational creatures whose claws and fangs emerge as we are about to pounce on our computers, our washing machine, or our iPads. It wasn’t that long ago where dial-up rules and to load a page was measured sometimes in minutes rather than under 10 seconds. Zugu Case, the maker of the best iPad cases, beseeches you to remember this in those times technology doesn’t work because often the fix is right around the corner.

In this blog post, Zugu Case will troubleshoot problems with your Apple pencil when it doesn’t want to cooperate. Visit us online today, and see why we’re the best maker of Apple pencils around. Contact us today!

Troubleshooting the Apple Pencil 

The Apple pencil is a reliable iPad accessory that works more often than not. It’s technology is not too complicated, meaning that there’s not much that can go wrong with it. That being said, there are common problems iPad users see when using the Apple pencil with their iPad. These include your Apple pencil not working with apps, your Apple pencil disappearing from the battery menu (so you don’t know if it’s charged or not, which is another common reason your Apple pencil doesn’t work), or your Apple pencil just flat out being ornery and refusing to turn on in the first place. Here are the common things to check when your iPad Apple pencil for the iPad throws a temper tantrum.

  • The Apple pencil’s tip (or nib) needs to be replaced. Let’s remember that the Apple pencil is first and foremost a pencil, meaning it wears out like your trusty number two pencil does. But instead of sharpening it, you’ll replace the tip. Usually, an extra nib comes with your purchase so check the box for the extra nib replacement. Furthermore, the nib can actually become loose, which just means you need to tighten it again. You won’t need too much pressure to do this (in fact, most kids can replace the nib on an Apple pencil for your iPad). You will need to ensure the nib is on tightly for it to work.
  • The Apple pencil is not charged. We briefly mentioned this above, but like all electronic devices, the Apple pencil has to be charged in order to work. To check the battery level on your Apple pencil on your iPad, you’ll go to the “Notification Center” and look for “Batteries.” If there is nothing there, that means your pencil is dead, and thus is not registering with your iPad. Simply charge your Apple pencil on your iPad. It can take up to 10 minutes for the Apple pencil to have enough juice to show up on your iPad screen and appear in the Notification Center. Give it time;it’ll show up if this is the cause of your Apple pencil problem.
  • Your iPad is the problem. It’s easy to look for the source of the problem at the source — your Apple pencil. However, it can be your iPad or iPad Pro is the one throwing a fit and causing the problem. In this case, default to the tried-and-true approach — reboot. Reboot is the oldest trick in the book because it works the majority of the time. You can restart your iPad as normal, or try a hard restart as well.
  • Re-pair. For reasons unknown (temperamental probably or a misstroke of the keyboard), your Apple pencil may need to be re-paired to your iPad or iPad Pro. In this case, you’ll visit the “Bluetooth” settings and make sure that the Apple pencil is connected. If it’s not, try reconnecting it to fix the problem.
  • Contact Apple. If you’ve tried everything under the sun and still nothing is working, contact Apple, or bring your Apple pencil to the Apple store near you. Believe it or not, your Apple pencil could have a manufacturer’s defect (yes, it happens to even the best). Explain your problem to an Apple technician and he or she can have a look, or determine your next course of action.

How ZUGU CASE can Help

By protecting your Apple pencil like you do your Apple iPad, you’ll often eliminate any problems that could crop up from your Apple pencil. Zugu Case understands how delicate Apple accessories can be (and temperamental), including the Apple pencil. Hence, we strive very hard to incorporate the Apple pencil into all of our top-of-the-line Apple iPad protective cases. To say that we are obsessed with Apple iPad cases would probably be an understatement. After all, we’ve dedicated our lives to making one item — iPad cases — so we’d better be passionate about them!

Zugu Cases are the best in the Apple iPad case industry, hands-down. And here’s why: 

  • All of our Apple iPad cases are adjustable, so you’ll never have to remove your iPad case from your iPad if you don’t want to. 
  • We’ve included the most robust, thick, and protective bumpers on the market on all of our Apple iPad cases. 
  • For the Muse Case for the 2018 Apple iPad Pro 12.9 and 2018 Apple iPad Pro 11, we’ve incorporated the wireless Apple pencil into the case so you can charge your pencil while protecting it simultaneously.
  • We offer a one-year, no questions asked warranty on all of our protective iPad cases.
  • We offer a 30-day, risk-free trial period, so you can see for yourself what all the hype is.
  • Our soft microfiber interior will keep your iPad and your Apple pencil scratch-free and protected even more during transport.
  • We offer a convenient long elastic Apple pencil pocket to store your Apple pencil in for those all Zugu Cases, except the 2018 iPad Pro models.
  • All of our iPad cases are aesthetically-pleasing and beautiful.
  • All of our iPad cases are lightweight, making them convenient to carry around all day long without causing you fatigue. This makes them ideal for kids’ use as well since their capacity for carrying objects is much less than adults’.
  • All of the buttons are accessible, including access to the ports and the screen, so you never have to remove the iPad from its protective iPad case.

Zugu Case is the best in the business for iPad cases. We never compromise quality and protection in order to cut corners. We stand behind all of our iPad cases, as our warranties and return policies show. If you ever have any questions or concerns about our iPad cases, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us via our website, or leave a comment on Instagram or Facebook. We promise someone will get back to you shortly.

Zugu Case also believes in community. When you buy an iPad case from Zugu Case, we donate a portion of that sale to children’s charities. Currently, we are sponsoring 20 children through Children International, and we’ve donated over $270,000 to build a community center in Colombia, which will open in 2020. We are proud to be giving back to our world when we’ve been given so much.