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All the Reasons You'll Love Our iPad 9.7 Case

If you’re on the hunt for a new iPad 9.7 case, you’ve probably noticed that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of options available. It can be tough to know which cases really live up to the crazy claims that they make. For example, can a case really protect your device from a two- or three-storey fall? And, what does “military-grade protection” even mean? Although sifting through the options may be disheartening, there are definitely iPad cases that can offer your device major protection.

Zugu, which carries cases for multiple iPad models (including the 9.7 and an iPad Pro 12.9 case) is a highly-reviewed company that offers only the best and most durable iPad products. With over 1M cases sold and hundreds of thousands of amazing reviews -- we definitely aren’t just a fluke. Our iPad cases do exactly what they claim to -- protect devices from damage while also offering exceptional functionality.

If you’re ready to upgrade your iPad game, keep reading to find out why our iPad 9.7 case has thousands of raving reviews.

Tough hard-plastic shell for major drop protection

Thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate are the materials that are used in the construction of this case’s shell. These materials are used to create safety materials and bullet-resistant glass, which is a testament to their durability.

The case is expertly crafted with drop protection features that are designed to prevent device damage. The edges of the case are outfitted with bumpers that absorb shock and redistribute the force of an impact during a fall or drop. These bumpers are thick and robust but are designed to blend effortlessly into the style of the case. The tough materials of the shell, plus the shock-absorbing bumpers, ensure that your device is well-insulated and protected from falls of at least five feet.

Eight-angle adjustable stand

The adjustable stand on this device has eight angle positions to choose from. The stand is designed to hold the weight of the device and the legs don’t buckle or bend under the device’s weight. The legs of the stand are magnetized and are outfitted with small stoppers that prevent them from slipping out of place.

Because of the durability of the stand’s legs, the device can be propped into position for hours without worry. And, the strength of the magnets makes it possible for the device to be picked up while propped without the legs detaching from the base of the stand.

Metal surface magnetic mount capability

If you need to use the device hands-free but don’t have room to set up the stand, you can use the case’s magnetic mount. This mounting capability is possible due to magnets that line the back of the case. The case can be attached to any metal surface (like a cabinet or stainless steel fridge) for a secure hold.

The device will be held firmly in place by the magnets, so there’s no need to worry about slipping or sliding. And, to remove the device, simply gently pull it away from the metal surface to disengage the magnets,

Soft microfiber interior

The inside of this case is lined with a soft microfiber material that cushions the device from the inside out. The material is incredibly high-quality and won’t scratch or deface the finish on the body of the device. Some iPad cases are lined with poorly-made materials that contain rough, ragged fibers. These materials can cause micro-scratches on the body of the device, eventually wearing away the device’s outer coating. With this iPad 9.7 case, you won’t have that issue. The softness of the material helps to reduce the force of an impact and adds a second layer of protection for the device.

Protective cover with sleep sensor activation

The protective cover on this device both protects the integrity of the screen and aids in reducing grit and grime build-up. The inside of the cover is lined with the same material as the interior of the case. This material grabs dirt and dust and prevents them from getting inside the case or causing micro-scratches on the screen.

The cover is also designed to activate the automatic sleep/wake feature of the device. This feature is only activated automatically through magnetization and requires specially-made covers to trigger the feature. Closing the cover on this case triggers the sleep sensor, which darkens the device’s screen and puts it into a low power mode. Once the cover is opened again, the device is shifted back into its usual power mode and the screen is automatically brightened. Although this feature can be manually activated, the convenience of using the built-in cover is second to none.

Elastic Apple Pencil storage pocket

If you need a safe place to store your Apple Pencil, you can use the secure pencil pocket on the back of this case. The pocket is made from an elastic material that stretches to accommodate the pencil while still offering a snug hold. The location of the pocket makes it incredibly quick and easy to access. And, since the pocket’s material is high-quality, you won’t have to worry about your pencil getting scratched as it’s taken in and out of storage. Although you’ll need to remove the pencil to use the magnetic mounting feature, the Apple Pencil can remain in the pocket during regular use of the device, and even while the device is propped.