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5 Reasons Why You'll Love our 4th Generation iPad Air 10.9 Case

If you’ve spent any time online looking for a new iPad Air 10.9 case, you’ll know that there are dozens of options to choose from. And, since every case promises to be the “best investment you’ll ever make” it can be tough to narrow down your choices.

The best way to decide which case is right for you is to consider what features are the most important. If you’re interested in a case that can protect your device, offer you useful features, and won’t break the bank -- we’ve got an amazing recommendation for you! 

Robust bumper and rugged shell for major drop protection

This iPad case comes with a thick shell that’s made from two of the world’s most durable hard plastics. This shell is perfectly designed to keep your device safe from damage during even the most significant impacts.

The edges of this shell are outfitted with shock-absorbing bumpers that provide extra security to the sensitive corners of the device. Damage along the edges or corners of the device often leads to cracks that radiate across the device’s body and screen. A combination of the durability of the shell and the drop protection bumpers give this case military-grade drop protection. To ensure the safety of your device, this case has endured drop testing from a height of at least 5 feet and has been verified as preventing cracks, dents, and scratches from this height.

Adjustable stand and magnetic mounting capability

Using your device hands-free is often necessary, no matter what activities you may use your device for. This case has an adjustable stand that offers you the functionality of eight different angles. The legs of the stand are designed to expertly hold the weight of the device for hours at a time. And, due to the strong magnets in the legs of the stand, you won’t have to worry about your device slipping or sliding out of place.

In addition to a magnetic stand, this case also comes with mounting capabilities. The case is outfitted with magnets that make it possible for your device to be mounted to any flat metal surface. Once the device is mounted, the effectiveness of the magnets ensures that your device won’t slip off the mounting surface due to gravity.

Overheating prevention

When it comes to protecting your device, this case isn’t just focused on damage from drops and falls. Overheating protection is a major consideration that many iPad case designs don’t take into account. Devices of all kinds experienced overheating and this issue is often worse with devices that are regularly or constantly inside a case. Using a device causes heat to be generated and this heat can become trapped inside the case and quickly raise the device’s temperature. The damage caused by overheating is often irreversible and can lead to malfunctions (like glitching and lagging) that make using your device hard to do.

Thankfully, this iPad Air 10.9 case has airflow vents that are built into the sides. These vents allow hot air to escape from inside of the case before it can cause overheating. Because of the discreet location of these vents, you can comfortably use your device without worrying about damage from overheating.

Protective cover with automatic sleep/wake activation

Honestly, what could be better than protective features that also offer practicality in other areas? This case comes with a protective cover that is magnetized for a secure hold and also to activate the device’s automatic sleep/wake feature. This feature, which is only activated using a magnetic cover, puts the device “to sleep” (in a low power mode) when the cover is closed. Once the cover is opened again, the device is automatically rebooted to its normal power and is ready for use. This feature helps to conserve the device’s battery by ensuring that, when not in use, the device is not using its battery unnecessarily.

And, when it comes to protection, this cover is one of the best. Made of the same amazing materials as the shell of the case, the cover is thick enough to prevent impacts or punctures from causing damage to the screen. The inside of the cover is also lined with a soft microfiber material that ensures that grease, grime, and dust cannot accumulate on the screen. Gritty elements, like dust and dirt, can cause micro-scratches on the screen that make it tough to use the device. This case helps to ensure that elements that can harm the screen or encourage bacteria (like grease) from making a home on the device’s screen.

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Elastic Apple Pencil holder and wireless charging compatibility

A fan-favorite feature of our iPad cases, regardless of what model the case is for, is the elastic Apple Pencil holder on the back of the case. This pencil holder is conveniently placed for easy access and offers a quick storage option for your Apple Pencil. The elastic material of the pocket is durable and snugly holds the pencil in place. Because of the security of the storage holder, the pencil can remain in the holder while the device is in use and even during travel or while you’re on the go.

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