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Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

You take good care of your iPad and phone. You’ve bought the best iPad Pro 12.9 case money can buy— or iPad mini 6 cover, if that’s your model— and you make sure your devices are protected wherever you go. You try to keep your battery topped off whenever you can, but you’re busy, and it’s hard. 

That’s where battery saver apps come in. They help you keep tabs on your device battery, and they also help you to optimize your devices so a charge lasts you as long as you might reasonably hope. Some battery saver app also offer helpful diagnostics that let you know how far out you're from that dread day when your battery might need to be replaced. 

Battery HD +

Battery HD + is a favorite among many users— and when you download it and give it a spin, you’ll see why. The interface is well designed: sleek and informative. It keeps tabs on the amount of battery your apps drain, then provides you with near-accurate estimations of just how long you’ll be able to continue your favorite activities with the battery power you have. 

The app is free and ad supported, although there is a Pro version if you want to go that way. 

Battery Life

A free app with in-app purchases, battery life allows you to keep track of the battery levels on all your Apple devices from one central point. Our favorite feature is the notifications: you can configure this app to send you a push notification whenever the battery level on a particular app falls below a certain point— or when it’s charged to at least 80%. You’ll be able to track charge on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch as well as accessories like your AirPods.

The Battery Life app also offers estimates on how much usage your current battery will support, whether you’ve got your device on standby, are listening to audio, watching video, or doing video streaming. 

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor isn't a doctor per se-- it can’t fix your battery if it’s really broken. That said, it’s a great battery coach, and can help you get your not-so-optimally-functioning battery functioning a great deal  more optimally. 

The app gives accurate power level and available time estimations, and there are some good tips for battery maintenance. The app is easy to use, and the graphics are well designed. Battery doctor is another free download. 


Are you tired of all the battery gifs and basic circles that make up the repertoire of most battery saver apps out there? Carat is something different. Designed by the University of Helsinki, it encourages you to turn it on in the background and ignore it for several days— then come back to view the extensive report it has drawn up.  

The app uses almost no energy, and the reports, which tell you what apps you want to turn off and when you want to restart your device, can save you extensive battery life. The key to an optimized battery is to know how to get it to do its best— and with Carat, that’s easy. 

CPU Dasher Master

CPU Dasher Master is a no-nonsense app for those who want to get all the stats, no gimmicks please.  Not only does that include info on your battery, it also tells you how you’re doing for memory and CPU— a very important factor which is certainly related to your battery usage as well. There’s also a section on network data, and a widget so you can see your stats without going all the way into the Dasher Master.

The battery info provided by this app may be more technical than appreciated by the average man off the street, but if you’d like to know your battery voltage and want to know how many mAh s you’ve got left, this is the app for you. It is free but has in-app purchases. 

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Native iOS Battery Monitoring

Of course, both your iPad and iPhone come with their own battery-monitoring capabilities, and for these, you don’t even need an app. To access the battery dashboard, go to Settings and then click on Battery. You may need to scroll down to find it.  It’s here that you can turn on low power mode, which temporarily reduces background service. Downloads and mail fetch will be paused till you can fully charge your phone and regular mode switches back on. 

Underneath the low power mode toggle you’ll see several graphs with historical battery information: a visual picture of how your phone battery has been doin over the past 24 hours. If you’re interested in a longer time frame, hit the ‘last ten days’ tab and get a record or your battery usage over the last ten days. You’ll see how many hours you averaged screen on and how many were screen off.

Below these graphs is a very informative list of informative: battery usage by app. Alongside each apps name in the list is a percentage number; the amount of your total battery capacity that has been used up by that app. This enables you to locate any battery hogs and gives you a very helpful understanding of what exactly is bringing your battery down. Tap anywhere in the list, and you’ll be able to see how long that app was utilizing battery, and whether it was doing it while on screen or in the background.

Battery saver apps are great as far as they go, but knowing how to make use of your iPad’s own battery monitoring functions is even more important. So whether you've got a iPad mini in the best iPad mini 6 case 2021, or an old school iPad 2 in a case from the thrift store, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about how you’d like to spend the juice you’ve got.