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Best iPad Stand For Bed and Desk 2022

Versatility is one of the most incredible things about the iPad. It transforms from a work device into a portable entertainment center at the touch of a button. You can work on your assignment in bed or take a break with a YouTube video at your desk. Either way, you need a stand that will comfortably transition from one place to another. We'll show you what you need to choose the best case to shift between using your iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation on your desk and in your bed.

Angles are everything

The last thing you need is your device sliding forward while working on a project or tip sideways during a movie. Having an iPad case that gives you different angles without slipping from its set position is a gamechanger. Zugu iPad cases have the perfect solution. Their iPad pro 12.9 5th generation kickstand cases have ten slots that contain a powerful magnet that locks the cover in your favorite position. Choose the angle that works for you, from almost flat to just under 90 degrees upright. When you click the flaps into the slots, the magnets hold the kickstand case until you decide to change it. Mark up your assignments, draft your projects, read or paint on your iPad in comfort.

The Zugu case for the iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation also features a magnetic mount. Attach the case to any metal surface for an upright screen whenever you need it. 

Case stays put

Gone are the days when your iPad slips off the pillow or nightstand or slides sideways during a crucial online meeting. Choose a versatile but sturdy case, giving you complete peace of mind when using it. Zugu cases are solid without adding extra bulk to your iPad. Place it on any surface, and you can rest assured that it will not move until you do so. Pop your iPad on the kitchen counter to follow a recipe or on your nightstand to watch your favorite series. 

Major drop protection

Falling off a table is the most common cause of damage to iPads. A Zugu case protects your device, giving you peace of mind in case of a fall. Their cases have got you covered with their guaranteed five-foot drop protection, tested on concrete. The corners have added reinforcement for additional security. The entire case is made out of TPU plastic, which is exceptionally resistant to scratches and breaking. 

Flawless design 

Looking for your Apple Pencil is the last thing you feel like doing when you settle comfortably in bed with your iPad. This is no longer an issue with Zugu cases, which have a snug pocket to slip it in and wirelessly charge your Apple Pencil. 

In addition, the case gives you full access to all your ports and volume buttons. The case interior has a soft microfibre lining that repels dust and dirt. When you need a break from your desk or are about to fall asleep in bed, close the case shut and activate your iPad's sleep function. Just flip it open to switching it back on.

The Zugu case also has inbuilt air vents that prevent overheating, allowing you to use your device without any problems. 

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Tips for using your iPad in bed and on your desk

Turn on Night Shift mode

Working late at night or watching a movie can tire your eyes. Activate Night Shift mode that changes the range of colors in your display to warmer tones, making it easier on your eyes. It also helps stop blue light from disturbing your sleep patterns. 

Invest in a Bluetooth keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard transforms your iPad into a keyboard and gives you more freedom when taking notes down, preparing a presentation, or writing an email. The keyboard gives you better control over your typing, making your life easier. 

Give yourself a break.

Spending hours hunched at your desk or curled up in bed around the iPad often leads to bad posture, which causes discomfort and, if prolonged, back and neck problems. Ensure that the iPad screen is at eye level at your desk. Use a pillow in bed, for example, to avoid bending over. Take a five-minute break from work and walk around the room or do a couple of gentle stretches.

Buy a screen protector

Your iPad screen is constantly in contact with something – whether from a stylus, Apple Pencil, or your fingers. However, it is also the first to get damaged in case of a fall or hit. A cracked screen is an extra expense that, if not repaired, can lead to complications. So invest in a high-quality screen protector that safeguards your iPad without accumulating a greasy film of fingerprints that dulls your images. Zugu's screen protectors are tempered premium 0.25mm Japanese glass with reinforced edges. It also has an antibacterial coating resistant to oil and fingerprints and has a 10H hardness level, the highest protection against scratches. 

Installation is a breeze as Zugu provides dust removal stickers, a guide stick, a cleaning cloth, and easy-to-follow instructions to set the protector without those annoying air bubbles. And if you do manage to mess it up, Zugu will send you another screen protector for free. 

Make your iPad work for your lifestyle with this advice and tips. Choose a case that keeps up with your needs, making the transition between one part of your life to another effortless, simple, and straightforward.