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How to Choose the Best iPad Pro Case for Working from Home

For many companies, the start of the pandemic meant a major shift in office life and culture. When the “stay at home” and lockdown orders began, companies were forced to find a new way to maintain operations, while following the law and keeping employees safe. 

If you are working from home, it’s likely that you had to make many adjustments to get used to this new way of working. From setting up a home workspace to purchasing new office equipment, remote workers across the world have spent the last year adapting to their new environment.

One of the ways that many adapted was by investing in technology that helped make work and home life in quarantine a bit easier. Apple’s iPad sales went up by 31% in 2020, in part due to people buying new devices to help make their remote work transition a bit smoother. 

Investing in a sturdy case

Whether you’ve had your iPad device for years or treated yourself to something new during quarantine, the case you choose for your device is incredibly important. Finding the best iPad Pro case can be the difference between scratches and cracked screens and a device that looks brand new, even after years of use. 

But, how can you be sure that the case you choose for your device will withstand the test of time? In this article, we’ll break down how to choose the best iPad Pro 11 case. Even better? We’ll also be suggesting some of the best cases on the market.

How to choose a good case?

The credentials that make up a good iPad case are not extensive, but they are important. Much like a motorcycle helmet protects the rider from injury, an iPad case ensures that your device survives through as many potentially damaging situations as possible.

Find the right size

A good case should fit, snugly and securely, but not too tightly. If your case regularly slips off or is impossible to remove, it’ll wind up being more of a hassle than it’s worth. To help prevent this, you’ll want to be sure that you purchase a case that is made for your iPad model. Even if it is cheaper to buy a case that doesn’t fit, remember - a well-fitted case leads to greater device protection.

Focus on the quality

You’ll want to pay attention to the material that your potential case is made of. Soft materials like leather or fabric may seem attractive, but they won’t offer much protection. Try to focus on more sturdy materials like various types of hard plastic or hard gel. 

Outside of not providing much protection, other types of materials are likely to tarnish or degrade much faster than high-quality synthetics. For example, cheaper plastic cases often become more pliable during warm weather (due to the heat), which can take away from their effectiveness. If your iPad gets caught in the rain or gets wet somehow, a fabric case can trap moisture and may cause damage to your device. These cases are also more difficult to sanitize, which can be a major negative, especially with kids. 

Cheaper isn’t always better

Saving money is generally not a bad thing. But, when it comes to protecting your technology, cheaper is almost always the wrong way to go. 

Now, you shouldn’t feel pressured to spend hundreds of dollars on your case. At a certain point, wildly expensive cases are usually less about protection and more paying for a brand name. You should ideally want to strike a good balance between affordability and quality. Everyone’s budget is different, but if you’re paying less than $40 for a case, you might want to rethink your purchase.

So, which case is right for you?

It can be tough to find cases that are high-quality but still fit your budget. Since you may not have time to scour the internet for the perfect case, we’ve listed some options for you below. Each case listed is made from durable thermoplastic polyurethane (or TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) which acts as a shock absorber to help prevent damage. 

iPad Pro 12.9 case

The 5th generation iPad Pro 12.9 was released in April of 2021. If you decided to splurge and buy the newest instalment of this model, then you’ll definitely want to find a case that can protect your new investment from falls and other incidents. That’s why you should consider Zugu’s iPad Pro 12.9 case, specially made for a 5th generation model. 

This case has airflow vents, designed to keep your iPad cool during use. It has wireless Apple Pencil charging capabilities, in addition to an automatic sleep or wake feature and a magnetic cover. If you need to prop your iPad up, there are 10 angles to choose from due to the case’s adjustable magnetic stand. 

iPad Pro 11 case

Announced in late 2018, the 3rd generation iPad Pro 11 is still a great purchase, even a few years after its release. Zugu’s iPad Pro 11 case (3rd generation) has magnetic mount capabilities that you can use on any metal surface, along with a magnetic stand that offers 8 different angles. 

It has a soft, non-scratch, microfiber interior (to keep your screen protected) and wireless charging for your Apple Pencil. The airflow vents will help ensure your iPad doesn’t overheat, even after a full day of work and meetings. 

iPad Air 10.9 case

This model, released in 2012, is still a popular option for those who want the basic capabilities of an iPad Pro, but at a lower price point. With Zugu’s iPad Air 10.9 case (4th generation), you have a built-in Apple Pencil pocket to help keep your accessory close by. 

Stand your iPad up in 8 different ways with the magnetic stand and use the case’s auto sleep and wake feature to easily turn your device’s screen on or off. The magnetic mount is powerful and can hold your iPad to any metal surface that you need. If you use your Apple Pencil often during your workday, you can even wirelessly charge it, right from the case. 

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Keeping your iPad safe and sound

As you continue to work from home, taking care of your devices can ensure that they stay out of harm’s way. This is especially true if your device is essential to your work. 

It’s important to remember that investing in protection for your device is always a good idea. Slips, falls, and spills can all potentially cause indefinite damage to your iPad. Investing in an iPad case, particularly the sturdy, well-made, affordable Zugu cases, can secure your investment and help you get maximum longevity from your device.