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Best Uses of iPad for Business

 iPads have been around for a while now and have made huge strides as technology has as well. It used to be clunky with not a lot of features. Today, the iPad is as powerful (or depending on which model you get, more powerful) than a desktop or laptop. It can do anything a regular computer can do (with iPad accessories) with the added benefits of being a small, mobile device. How can an iPad in your office help you?

Zugu Case will take a look at some of the best iPad features and uses for business professionals. From iPad Pro 12.9 (5th Gen) cases to iPad Air (4th Gen) cases, we have all of your office iPad cases covered. Contact us today for your iPad case!

Ipad Business Uses

Office Presentations on iPad

Your iPad can be used in the office for business presentations using a VGA adapter and software. Apple’s free presentation app, Keynote, or other presentation app compatible with Apple IOS systems make this possible. You may have to sync your iPad before you give your presentation if its not on a shared drive of some sort, such as Google drive. Using your Apple iPad for presentations allows you to use a small space for your iPad when space is paramount. Furthermore, you won’t have to carry around your laptop.

Replace Brochures or Business Cards

In today’s world we all want to reduce our carbon footprint. More business people are turning to electronic devices, such as iPads, to not only save on printing costs but to also help the environment. You can recreate you company’s brochures on your iPad and show potential customers exactly what you do instead of handing them a business card. You will make a longer-lasting impression and increase your chance of finding new customers.

Increase Productivity In The Office

When you have an easy-to-use device (maybe an iPad that is protected by a Zugu Case), you can get a lot more done. You’ll be able to use it to take notes on the fly, read the latest industry news, or get a head start on that big quarterly report coming up.

Eliminate Wasted Time

 All of your time is precious. Potentially hours a day are wasted when you are waiting for meetings to begin, driving to meet clients or potential clients, or just standing in the lunch line. Having your iPad Pro 11 Case readily available will allow you to catch up on your emails and put those otherwise wasted minutes to good use.

Take The Office With You on iPad

With an iPad you’ll have your entire office in the palm of your hand even when you leave. You’ll be able to travel more easily and feel less stressed about having to leave the office for extended periods. You have all of your documents and necessary information at the tip of your fingers.

Second Monitor

When you have two monitors, you’ll increase your productivity by being able to work on two documents at once. All you’ll need is an Apple iPad and an app. Super easy!

Stay Organized

Good-bye sticky notes, and use your Apple iPad instead to take notes, update your calendar, and send company emails.

The main point of an Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Case is that you can take it with you. You have your phone, but phones are just too small to do more than 10 minutes of easy work. However, no matter what you do for work, the iPad can seamlessly help you work more efficiently and thus save time. iPads have many other uses other than in the office, be sure to check out our articles for parents and students as well!