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Do iPads Still Have a Home Button?

Apple’s home button on the iPad and iPhone is part of its signature design. The home button is iconic with the Apple logo at the back and the black bezel. You could tell from a distance whether a device belonged to the Apple club just by looking for the home button. However, Apple never lets the dust settle on its creations. Many wait with bated breath to see what Apple changes Apple will implement in the latest models.

Even iPad models had home buttons. However, in 2018, Apple started phasing out the button on the newest iPad Pro models. The change then included the iPad Air and iPad Mini. At present, only the standard iPad models still have the Home button.

What is the Home Button’s function?

The Home button’s most basic function is to take you back to the iPad’s home screen. It is the only button on the iPad's screen. If an app or your iPad crashes, you must touch it to go back. However, its role goes beyond that and can be used for other features. 

  • Activates Siri.

The Home button gives you access to your personal assistant, courtesy of Apple. Siri is a built-in voice-controlled virtual assistant with all Apple's operating systems. Just pressing the Home button for a few seconds activates Siri. You’ll see a small revolving ball of colored lines at the bottom of the screen. Speak your command, and Siri will obey.

  • Switch Between Apps

The iPad’s home button is a quick way to find the app you need, especially if your screen is choc a bloc with icons. A quick double tap gives you an overview of all the open apps on your iPad. You can swiftly scroll through until you find the one you need. You can also use this function to close off any unused apps. All you need to do is swipe up the app to the top of the screen.

  • Take a Screenshot

One of the most significant adjustments for Apple users was how to take a screenshot after the Home button disappeared. Screenshotting the iPad’s screen is simple. Hold the Home button with the sleep/wake button – you’ll hear a camera click and see the screen flash. The screenshot will pop up as a thumbnail to share, save or edit. This function was replaced by the volume button on the iPad's latest models. Press the top and volume buttons together for a few seconds until you hear the shutter sound.

  • Touch ID

Recent iPad models have the Touch Id feature. Basically, the device stores your fingerprint, and you can use it as a security measure. With Touch Id, the iPad reads your fingerprint on the Home Button, allowing you to unlock it without entering the passcode. Some apps, including banking apps, will enable you to use Touch Id instead of a password. Or you can approve a purchase on the App Store, iTunes, and iBooks.

  • Quick Media Access

The Home button is an excellent shortcut to the device's iPod controls while in sleep mode. A quick double tap allows you to pause, forward, play or rewind the music or media – while still on the lock screen. This trick saves you the hassle of unlocking the iPad to access the controls.

  • Open Spotlight Search

Spotlight search is a great iPad function. You can search anything on the iPad, including messages, media, emails, apps, and calendar events. All you need to do is go to the iPad's main screen and press the Home Button. A search bar will pop up – type in what you are looking for and let the iPad do the rest.

  • Accessibility Options

The iPad has a myriad of accessibility options. These include hearing and vision assistance, learning-based guided access, and physical and motor assistance settings. So, for example, you can choose to have audio descriptions, larger text, call audio routing, or voice-over. These features allow everyone to enjoy and use an iPad. Just make sure these are enabled in Settings before using the Home button. Pressing the Home button three times is a shortcut to choosing an accessibility option.

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What Plans Does Apple Have for Future Models?

Apple loves to throw a curveball whenever releasing a new model. In fact, fans eagerly wait for Apple’s annual launch, which always leaves everyone guessing. It is now a tradition that rumors and so-called leaked images precede it. The latest online schematics for the level entry 10.2-inch iPad reveal the 10th generation of the model. These designs display a sleek but slightly thicker iPad with a Home button. If these schematics are correct, Apple might not be ready to get rid of the Home button. A good cover is one of the most important things you can do for your iPad, whether it has a Home button or not. A high-quality 10.2-inch iPad case will include perfectly designed cut-outs for all the ports, speakers, and cameras. The Zugu 10.2-inch iPad case is an excellent example of combining function and design. It will protect your device against a five-foot drop on concrete.