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Elucidating the Best iPad Pro Case 11 inch for Educators

Why every educator needs an iPad case

As an educator, you’ve probably got an iPad you use both in and out of the classroom— and if you’re lucky, that will be an 11 or 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Do you have an iPad Pro case 11 inch or 12.9 inch to go with it? If you don’t, you’ll want to make that purchase one of your top priorities. 

IPad cases are helpful for anyone: they keep down repair bills, keep the iPads inside them in good working order, and improve the user experience in a thousand ways. But they’re especially useful for educators, who need a sturdy, versatile device they can count on when it matters. 

Key features of an iPad Pro Case 11 inch for educators

You’re probably already aware that iPad Pro cases aren’t all equivalent. There are iPad cases made for kids: cute silicon cases in the shapes of turtles or butterflies or robots. There are iPad cases meant for truckers, and even iPad cases designed for scuba divers. Each of these cases were engineered with the unique needs of these particular groups of people in mind. They have different features, and are optimized for use in specific environments.

What about educators? The best iPad cases for educators aren’t necessarily billed as specialty cases just for teachers, but they’re going to all have some key features that set them apart from lower quality iPad cases that just aren’t ideal for use in a classroom.   

If you’re looking for an iPad case optimized for your life as an educator, you’re going to want a case that:

  • Provides top notch protection against any accidental drops and spills
  • Has a flexible, sturdy stand 
  • Comes in class-room friendly colors: not too bright, not too drab
  • Is ergonomic, with great texture and feel. 

The best iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd generation case 

Let’s suppose, for the sake of narrowing down our choices, that you have a third generation iPad Pro 11-inch. If you’re an educator, what is the best iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd generation case for use in the classroom, in the office, and at home?

If you want serious protection, you’ll need to skip the $10 cases and look for something more in the $50 range. Once you’ve set your search up, you’ll see there are more than a few options that tick all the boxes we listed back in the last section. Judging by user reviews, one of the best options when it comes to an iPad Pro case 11 inch is the Zugu case for that model. 

The Zugu iPad Pro case 11 inch isn’t designed just for educators, but it certainly is pretty ideal for those in the teaching industry. It’s durable, it is ergonomic, and it looks just the way an educator’s iPad cover should: not glaring and in your face, but neat, sensible, even a little sophisticated. A wide array of color choices mean you can choose the one that means you.

Those are all great reasons to choose a Zugu iPad case, but the main reason educators tend to select this one is the peace of mind it provides with 360 degree military grade shock protection. To test the case, researchers dropped an iPad—ensconced in a ipad pro 11-inch 3rd generation case— 26 times onto a hard floor, from a height of four feet. Those 26 times included once on each edge, face, and corner, just to make sure the protection was really 360 degree. Each time, the iPad came out unscathed: fully functional and with a perfectly intact, non-cracked screen. 

Making the most of your new iPad case in the classroom

If you do end up buying a Zugu case for your iPad because of the protection it affords, you’ll love all the extra features that come with the iPad case. Like the ultra-flexible stand that allows you to choose your ideal viewing angles— one perfect angle for when you’re on a video call, another that’s ideal for movie-watching, and a third that’s perfect for showing a physics clip to a small group of students.  There’s even a built-in magnet mount that allows you to stick your iPad up against any metal surface you choose— if you’re at home, that might be your refrigerator, if you’re in lab, that might be your metal splashguard. Keeping your iPad up and off worksurfaces is a great way to avoid spills that could potentially cripple your iPad. 

The same magnets that keep the iPad stuck where you want it also power the case’s automatic wake-sleep functionality. What this means is that as soon as you close the case, your iPad falls asleep, conserving valuable battery. As soon as you open it, it’s up and ready for you; no extra motions required. It’s a handy feature that you’ll soon find yourself relying on. 

One more feature that, as an educator, you’ll want to make the most of is Apple Pencil compatibility. With the Zugu case, this works two ways. For one, there’s a handy elastic slot you can keep your pencil at all times, so you’re sure you have it when you need it. That’s important: having a pencil is hardly useful if it isn’t ready when you are. But the second compatibility feature is even more useful: you can charge your pencil by simply slipping it into the designated grove,  without even removing the case. 

There are many iPad cases that educators can use, but the Zugu iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd generation case is certainly one very good option.