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How an iPad Pro 11 inch case can extend your iPad’s lifespan

An iPad Pro 11 inch case is typically the first accessory you buy for a new 11 inch iPad. There’s a reason for this. iPads are masterpieces of engineering, with capability undreamed of a few decades ago neatly placed between a thin layer of aluminum and another thin layer of glass. That casing, however beautiful, is not the sturdiest thing ever made, and all the potential your iPad has is liable to evaporate into nothing if the device is dropped on a hard surface or banged into an unforgiving wall.

An iPad Pro case 11 inch is meant to provide that padding the naked device doesn’t have: extra protection for the device inside.  Slipping an iPad Pro case on your device is like wrapping it in a layer of bubble wrap, except it’s ever-so-much-more convenient. You can access the buttons and screen, for one thing, and the tactile experience is much better, for another.  

But ‘protection’ is a vague word. How does an iPad cover really extend the life of your device, and does it matter which model you buy when it comes to protective capabilities?

How an iPad Pro 11 inch case can protect your iPad’s inner workings

When you look at your iPad, you see a glossy screen and a smooth, well polished aluminum backing. What you don’t see is a complex array of circuits inside the device, the technology powering your device.

Worse than a dent to the aluminum backing, worse even then a crack on the screen, a mishap to the inner workings of your iPad can cripple your device or put it out of commission entirely. But what kind of accident could do that to your iPad?

There are three major types of accident that can cause damage to the inside of your iPad. One is water damage, such as you might get if you dropped your iPad in a swimming pool or left it outdoors in a rainstorm. Then there’s collision damage when your iPad falls from your hand (or a desk, table or other surface) and hits the floor at a high speed. A third type of accident happens when another moving object hits your iPad and the impact jolts and  rattles the inside of your device.

Most iPad Pro cases don’t protect against water damage, and though waterproof cases do exist, they aren’t practical for everyday use. You’re just going to have to be careful that your iPad doesn’t fall into the swimming pool or bath. The other types of accidents, though they look very different, turn out to be almost identical in what they can do to your device. And in both cases, damage can be  avoided by using a shock protective case. 

A shock protective case essentially absorbs the impact, taking the brunt of the collision when your iPad hits a hard surface or a hard object hits your iPad. As a result, any jolts to the inner workings are lessened, and even a force that might have been strong enough to crush your iPad and break some of those delicate inner workings end up able to do nothing more than stick a dent in the TPU bumper.

How an iPad Pro 11 inch case can protect your iPad’s screen

Most of the time, when you think about damage happening to a dropped iPad you think of damage to the screen. There’s a reason for that. The screen is front and center, and is the most obviously delicate part of the iPad. It’s also exorbitantly expensive to replace. 

Many iPad protective cases are folio style, which means there’s a soft flap that protects your iPad’s screen when it is not in use. This may be held in place by an elastic, or, in a higher end case, it might be held in place by a magnet that also enables automatic sleep/wake. Many people wonder: since the flap is open when I”m using my iPad, does having a case on protect the screen at all during those times?

As it turns out, it does. The secret is in the extra bumper that case manufacturers add around the front face of your iPad. Essentially, they’re making sure that even if your iPad hits the ground face first, there won’t actually be a collision between your iPad screen and the ground at all. The screen will be held off the ground by that bumper; a little bit of softer plastic that helps absorb the impact  in the same way the rest of the case does should it have fallen on its back or side. 

How to buy iPad Pro Case 11 inch to extend your device’s lifespan

So how do you buy an iPad Pro case that will extend your device’s lifespan? The trick is keeping these two essentials in mind: protecting the delicate screen and the even-more delicate inner workings. A case made of basic hard plastic might not do this all that well, but the TPU that higher-end case manufacturers use for their cases is especially designed to absorb shock and keep your iPad safe. Make sure the case has those all important bumpers to keep your iPad’s screen off the floor, and maybe a flap for extra protection when you’re not using the iPad.

There are many good options, but if you’re looking for an iPad pro 11 inch case with pencil holder that not only extends your iPad’s lifespan but looks good to boot, you won’t go wrong with the Zugu case. Slip it on your iPad, and the chances of a shattered screen or mangled workings just went on a deep dive down.