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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Our 2021 iPad 10.2 Case

On the heels of Apple’s announcement of the 9th generation iPad 10.2, many loyal Apple fans made it their mission to be among the first to purchase the new device. The specs on the latest model are impressive, with Apple updating features like the 9th generation’s processor, front camera, storage option, and display technology. If you managed to score one of these new tablets, your next step should be finding a case that will keep the device safe from cracks, dents, and scratches.

This is where Zugu’s 9th generation iPad 10.2 case comes in! Zugu has a long history of providing its customers with expertly crafted iPad cases that are guaranteed to withstand years of wear and tear. And, this case is no different. But, we can let the features of this case speak for themselves. Keep reading to find out just why we think you’ll love our new iPad 10.2 case for the 9th generation model.

Rugged shell made from TPU and PC

The shell of this case is from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate. These two materials are incredibly durable and are specifically chosen to ensure that the case is formidable against damage. Both TPU and PC are used in the manufacturing of bullet-resistant glass, which is proof of just how reliable these materials are. 

The shell is also constructed to perfectly fit the iPad 10.2. The cutouts in the case are smooth and finished well to ensure that the sleek, high-quality appearance of the case is not affected by poorly cut ports. 

Drop protection features

This case has military-grade drop protection that is aided by shock-absorbing bumpers that line the edges of the case. These bumpers are strategically placed to add a layer of protection to the vulnerable corners of the device. If a device is dropped on any of its corners, without these bumpers, the shock of the impact would likely radiate across the device and cause cracks to the device body or its screen. These bumpers ensure that, even during an accident, shock waves are less likely to cause damage to the device. 

Protective magnetic cover

The cover of this device is heavy-duty and is designed to fully encase the screen of the device without leaving any gaps. If a case has a cover that doesn’t protect every inch of the screen, it’s possible that small objects, like rocks or stones, may be able to make contact with the screen and cause damage. The cover is magnetized, which helps keep it securely in place when closed and also works to activate the device’s automatic sleep/weake feature. The device will sleep automatically once the cover is closed and will brighten, ready for use, when the cover is opened again. 

Overheating prevention

Overheating is common with tablets and phones because of the fact that most cases are made from non-breathable materials. It’s not unheard of for an iPad to begin to malfunction because its internal temperature raises to dangerous levels due to trapped heat energy. Any technological device will generate heat when it’s on, even if it’s not in use. And, without proper overheating prevention, your device is likely to reach temperatures that cause it to begin glitching or lagging. Or, even worse, the metal inside the device may become so hot that it melts, making the iPad impossible to use.

To prevent this, this iPad 10.2 case has airflow vents cut into the sides to allow heat to escape. These vents are subtle and don’t affect the look or style of the case, but work well to ensure that overheating is less likely to occur.  

Multi-angle adjustable stand

Being able to use your device at multiples angles is important. Most people use their device in a variety of ways and the most practical cases will make it easy to do so. Each one of our iPad cases has a multi-angle adjustable stand with at least seven possible angles. This case has an eight-angle adjustable stand that is also magnetized for a better, more solid hold. The legs of the stand are durable and can be used for hours at a time without risk of bending or buckling. And, there are small stoppers on the tips of the legs that also help to ensure that the legs of the stand do not slip or slide while the device is propped. 

Apple Pencil pocket

If you’re an Apple Pencil owner, then you know how difficult it can be to keep track of the pencil while it’s not in use. Although there are standalone pencil holders that can be used to store your accessory, these don’t solve the issue of your pencil becoming lost or misplaced. 

The back of this case is outfitted with an elastic pocket that is designed to safely store your Apple Pencil. The pocket is conveniently located on the back of the case so that the pencil can be stored even while the device is in use. And, because of the location of the pocket, accessing and storing your pencil is quick and easy. 

The best iPad 10.2 case on the market

While there may be thousands of iPad 10.2 cases available, not every case is made with the user in mind. Zugu is committed to ensuring that every product it sells is of the highest quality to make sure that every customer is a satisfied customer. In fact, we offer a risk-free guarantee and warranty for your purchase to show just how confident we are in our products.

Ready to learn more about our iPad cases, whether for your 9th generation iPad 10.2 or for the 9th generation iPad? Head over to our shop for more information!