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Here's the Perfect 3rd Generation iPad Pro 12.9 Case for Educators and Teachers

Educators and teachers that use technology to aid in their instruction know how vital finding the right case is. Whether you’re using an iPad or a laptop, using a case is needed for both protection and functionality. Cases that have added features make it easier for you to use while teaching and are an important tool during class.

Finding the perfect case for teaching can be tough and narrowing down your options can be difficult. But, we’ve found an iPad Pro 12.9 case (3rd generation) that is sturdy enough to hold up to a classroom full of kindgergartners or an 8-hour day of university lectures. And, if you’re looking for a similar case for another iPad model, like an iPad Air 10.9 case 4th generation case, you can head over to our product page for our full list of shop options. 

Rugged TPU + PC shell for military-grade protection

The shell of this case is designed for durability. Thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, the main materials in the construction of this case, are two of the toughest hard plastics on the market. These materials are commonly used to product bullet-resistant glass and medical equipment -- a testatment to the reliability of their strength. 

The edges of the case are also outfitted with bumpers that are intended to expertly absorb shock. Even if your device falls on its sensitive edges, the bumpers will keep the shockwaves from causing dents, cracks, and scratches. And, although the bumpers are thick enough to provide amazing protection, they aren’t so thick as to cause any extra weight to the case. 

Ten-angle adjustable stand

The stand on this case is both adjustable and magnetized. Many iPad Pro 12.9 cases aren’t designed with adjustability in mind, but this case is. As an educator, flexibility in your tools in essential. You can use this case in another of ten angles, from almost a full 90-degree angle to fewer than 45-degrees. With this much flexibility, you can use your device at whatever angles feel the most comfortable. 

The legs of the stand are magnetized to offer a more secure hold while the device is propped. Due to the magnets in the legs, the device can be picked up and moved, even while the stand is engaged. Even during movement, the stand is secure enough to hold the propped device. 

Secure magnetic mount capability

Due to the strong magnets in the case, it can be magnetically mounted to any flat metal surface. This feature is incredibly useful in a classroom or office where you may have access to cabinets or magnetic chalkboards or blackboards. The encased device can be mounted securely and, because of the power of the magnets, gravity won’t cause slipping or sliding of the device once mounted. 

Protective magnetic cover with auto sleep/wake activation 

The protective cover that comes with this iPad Pro 12.9 case is one of the best. It is made from the same materials as the shell and is designed to keep your screen free from scratches and cracks. You can activate the automatic sleep/wake feature of the device by closing the cover, which sends the device into a low-power mode. 

The device will remain in this low-power mode until the cover is opened again at which point the device is returned to its normal mode. This feature activates automatically due to the magnetized nature of the case and makes it easy to quickly and easily conserve battery life. Plus, the cover helps to prevent dirt and grime from building up on the screen, in addition to removing any worries you may have about accidental touches. 

Apple Pencil pocket and wireless Apple Pencil charging compatibility

If you’d like to safely store your Apple Pencil, you can do so by placing it into the dedicated pencil pocket on the back of the case. This pocket is made from a high-quality elastic material that allows for a snug hold of the pencil while it is being stored. Because of the location of the pocket, you can quickly access your pencil from the storage location, even with one hand. 

If you have a later model generation of the Apple Pencil you can also wirelessly charge it while it is stored. Once the pencil is connected to the device, you can put the device to charge (wirelessly or directly) and the pencil will charge along with it. Although this feature is only available with a compatible Apple Pencil, it is incredibly useful and saves you time in between classes and lesson plans -- so, you have one less responsibility to worry about. 

Airflow vents for targeted device cooling

If you’ve ever been writing for hours and noticed your device getting gradually hotter, you understand how long-term use can affect a device. Overheating is common among different types of technology, largely because many cases do not have device cooling features. This case has airflow vents built into it that make it easy for trapped hot air to escape before it can cause overheating. The heat damage caused when the device’s temperature raises too significantly can lead to irreversible problems that ultimately require the replacement of the device. 

These airflow vents make it harder for the device to overheat, so you never have to worry about heat damage while using your device. So, the next time you have an amazing literary breakthrough, you can write for hours with no concerns about the safety of your device.