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Zugu's iPad Pro 12.9 Case - A Customer Favorite

At Zugu, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality iPad cases and accessories that they’ll absolutely love. One of our top sellers is our iPad Pro 12.9 case and, in this article, we’ll explain exactly why so many customers are raving about this product.

When you’re looking for an iPad case, no matter the model, what you’re really interested in is protection. Keeping your device safe from damage is important and the case that you choose will determine how safe your device is - or isn’t. 

Our iPad Pro 12.9 case is outfitted with multiple features that make it a fan favorite. From an adjustable stand with multiple angles to wireless Apple Pencil charging, this case has it all - and more.

Rugged shell for major drop protection

Since protection is key, this case is designed for the maximum safety and security of your device. The shell of the case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, which are two of the world’s more durable hard plastics. Unlike with other cases, the shell of this case is hard (and not jelly-like) to ensure that it can withstand the force and shock of an impact. 

In addition to the durability of the case’s materials, there are bumpers built into the edges of the case for added shock protection. These bumpers are thick enough to protect the vulnerable corners of the device from shock waves that cause damage, but don't add any unnecessary bulk to the case. The bumpers and the expert construction of this case provide your device with major, military-grade drop protection for ultimate security. 

10-angle adjustable magnetic stand 

If you prioritize being able to use your device in multiple ways, having an adjustable stand is important. This iPad Pro 12.9 case has a stand with ten possible angle positions, almost two times what stands are capable of. 

The stand is magnetized to help ensure a better hold while the device is propped and even has small bumpers built onto the ends of the legs for greater security. Due to the magnetization, the legs of the stand won’t slip or slide while the device is propped into place. The construction of the stand makes it sturdy enough to hold the weight of the device without buckling or bending, even after hours of use.

Overheating prevention 

Devices can overheat even when they aren’t inside a case. The chance of overheating increases when a device is in a case, largely because the generated heat often doesn’t have a way to escape. Overheating damage is among the hardest to fix and most devices that encounter this type of damage eventually need to be completely replaced. 

To prevent overheating, this case has airflow vents cut into its sides. These vents give the hot air a path to escape the case before it can dangerously raise the device’s temperature. If you use your device for hours at a time, having airflow vents is essential in preventing overheating. 

Protective magnetic cover

The protective cover is one of the most useful features of this case. This cover, which is also magnetized, both protects the screen and activates the automatic sleep/wake feature on the device. Made from the same hard plastics as the case’s shell, this cover is thin enough to not add weight to the case, but is not flimsy or weak. 

Because the case activates the sleep/feature, it also helps to ensure that your device’s battery doesn’t drain while it isn’t being used. Once the case is closed, the screen automatically darkens and turns off until the cover is lifted. 

This protective cover is also useful for keeping dirt, grease, dust, and lint from building up on the device’s screen. The inside of the cover, and the entire interior of the case, are lined with a soft microfiber material. This material cushions the device from the inside out, while also keeping the screen safe from micro-scratches that can occur when abrasive materials are trapped against the screen. 

Elastic Apple Pencil pocket and wireless charging compatibility

Do you have an Apple Pencil pocket and need a convenient storage location? This case has an elastic pocket built into the back to hold and securely store your pencil. 

Storage for your Apple Pencil shouldn’t be an afterthought and, with many iPad cases, that’s exactly what it is. “Afterthought” storage is more likely to unsecure or poorly placed on the case, or even interfere with your ability to store the pencil while the device is in use. Because of the location of this pocket, your pencil can be stored without issue while you’re using your device. 

Another plus? If your Apple Pencil is a later model that is compatible with wireless charging, the pencil can be charged from inside the storage pocket. Once the pencil is connected to the device, the device can be placed to charge and the pencil will charge along with it. 

Ready to take the leap?

If you’re ready to join Zugu’s long list of happy, satisfied customers head over to our product page and take a look at our highly-rated iPad Pro 12.9 case. In the market for something else? You can also shop our stores for other items such as our iPad Pro 11 case or our screen protectors.