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Here's Why Our iPad 10.2 Case is Amazing for Graphic Designers

Finding the right iPad 10.2 case as a graphic designer can be tricky. Whether you use graphic design as a fun hobby to wind down after a long day or you design professionally, your accessories are likely an important part of your work. Working on an iPad isn’t always easy, but the perfect iPad case can make the job much easier.

With Zugu’s iPad 9th generation case (that’s also perfect for 7th and 8th generation models) your designing can be as effortless as ever. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. With over 1,000,000 cases sold and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews, every Zugu case is verified as worth the investment. 

In this article, we’ll explain why this iPad 10.2 case is one of the best on the market for graphic artists of all kinds. 

Expertly constructed shell

The shell of this case is made from polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, two of the world’s most durable hard plastics. These materials are used in the manufacturing of bullet-resistant glass, safety equipment, and medical machinery due to their reliability. 

In addition to the strength of the materials, this case is also designed to perfectly fit later generation iPad 10.2 devices. Unlike some other cases, the cutouts and portholes line up exactly where they should, giving you full and free access to all of your device’s ports. Poorly designed cases are often not a great fit for a device or will have cutouts that aren’t properly aligned or roughly cut. 

Adjustable multi-angle magnetic stand 

The adjustable stand on this case is a crowd favorite and for good reason. Many iPad cases have stands that are obviously a design afterthought. This often then leads to these stands being less than reliable and not designed to be used to their full extent. Thankfully, the stand on this case isn’t an oversight. It’s optimally designed to be sturdy enough to fully support the weight of the propped device, even for hours on end. 

The stand is also magnetized, which helps to ensure a more secure hold. In fact, the ensure device can be picked up (while propped!) without the legs of the stand falling or shifting. You can be certain that your device will remain safely propped, for as long as needed, without any fear of the stand slipping or sliding out of place. 

Airflow vents 

Keeping your device cool is essential to prevent overheating. Overheating can happen quickly and suddenly, leaving you with little to no time to react. If your device’s case is able to trap enough heat, the internal (and external) temperature of the device can raise to extremes. This rise in temperature can melt the metal inside the device and cause malfunctions such as glitching and lagging. And, in some cases, the device becomes internally damaged beyond repair. 

This case has airflow vents that are designed into its sides to help prevent your device from developing any overheating problems. The vents make it possible for hot air to escape from inside the case before it can cause any harm. Cases without vents may need to be temporarily removed every few hours for heat release, which can be incredibly inconvenient. When you opt for an iPad 10.2 case that takes overheating into consideration, using your device is as easy as can be. 

Protective cover

The safety of your screen is important -- that’s why this case comes with a protective cover for added security. Although thick enough to offer protection, this cover isn’t bulky and doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to the case. It’s made from the same materials as the shell and is designed to ward off damage from impacts or punctures. If your device is dropped, the screen is often one of the major concerns for cracking and scratches. With this cover, you can worry less about how accidents may affect the quality of your screen. 

And, another benefit? The cover is magnetized, which allows it to activate the automatic sleep/wake feature of your device. When the cover is closed, the screen of the device darkens and is put to sleep temporarily. Opening the cover “wakes” the device, brightening the screen and making it ready for use. 

Magnetic mount capability

As a designer, you may find yourself having to use your device hands-free. While having an adjustable stand is important, it can also be useful to have another way to keep your hands off of your device.

This case has magnetic mounting capabilities that allow it to be securely mounted to any flat metal surface. Whether you’re in an office at home or at work, in the kitchen, or even a classroom, you can easily and quickly mount your device. Once the surface is metal (like regular or stainless steel) the strong magnets will hold your device up without gravity causing any slipping or sliding. 

The best choice for graphic designers

Graphics designers that use iPads to create and edit their designs need cases that are both practical and attractive. This Zugu iPad 10.2 case comes in a range of colors, including two new offerings, and offers users a full range of useful features. Whether you’re the graphic designer in the family or you’ll be gifting this case to someone else -- you can’t go wrong with outfitting your iPad 10.2 with this case.